Would you like an additional way to keep an eye on the wedding visitors than the usual traditional guest book? For instance, would you like a furniture piece which includes what they are called of all your family members? For those who fall under this group, this piece is good.

WhiskeyMade’s centerpieces are sturdy hardwood objects constructed from an authentic Bourbon Whisky Cask Top. In Canada, it’s presently a well known wedding guest book option. The Cask Centerpiece Stands an impressive outlook for your wedding. Here’s all that you should know.

What Exactly Are Wedding Centerpieces?

Centrepieces are an extremely important component of decorating for any marriage ceremony, and flowers are the most typical kind of centrepiece. Additionally, a centrepiece can be used in weddings, maternity bulletins, engagement gatherings, anniversary celebrations, and birthday parties.

Centrepieces help in creating the idea of the décor and contributing to the general appearance of the area.

Flowers, candle lights, fruit, and sweets are often utilized as centrepieces.

Within the U . s . States, ornate centrepieces can from time to time run the whole entire table during formal occasions.

The Cask Centerpiece Stands an impressive look and feels for just about any occasion, not to mention a marriage. Let’s find out more about the organization.

About WhiskeyMade Cask Barrel Centerpiece

They’re several woodworkers and craftsmen that share a love for Bourbon and revel in making new, one-of-a-kind products from old, primitive materials. WhiskeMade enjoys repurposing something which has resided a existence and making it something totally new and valuable.

They ask for the most remarkable bourbon casks in the Bourbon Belt’s small breweries. Then, they fix them up and refurbish or customise them for Bourbon enthusiasts to commemorate special occasions.

WhiskeyMade puts its customers first.

The Cask Centerpiece Stands an impressive Chance in a Wedding

Regardless of this, customers may utilise the merchandise by any means imaginable. For instance, wedding planners used it as being a centrepiece to provide a country and traditional vibe.

Many people make use of it rather of the regular book and pen like a guestbook. Visitors might have fun etching their names and messages towards the couple on a bit of this which will serve you for a lifetime. They’re entirely customisable, and you’ll display or save these to show your grandkids at some point.

Since we’ve learned much more about it let’s take a look at how previous buyers have reacted towards the Cask Centerpiece Stands an impressive.


Upon analysis, the majority of the clients are in awe from the service the organization provides. They’re saying that adding this element for their wedding has unquestionably made a massive difference.

The patterns are laser burnt in, allowing the hardwood dimension and variety and keep a raw and organic appearance the tops are hands sanded and planed clean towards the feel.

It’s a creative idea to possess a guest book everyone can write, leave the heartiest congratulations in, after which visible on the hallway to admire daily.

Final Verdict

It’s an incredible concept to recycle barrels for any good cause. We’ve attempted to explain how customers experience The Cask Centerpiece Stands an impressive feel for their marriage ceremony. Customers do not have anything but good stuff to say of the product.