This article, ” The Bodegas at Bronx , “, will help explain why Jill Biden is being used to make Latinos eat breakfast.

Are you curious to learn why Bodegas has become a hot topic? What did Jill Biden say? On Monday, the First Lady delivered a speech to Unidos United States and attempted to highlight the uniqueness of Latinx.

Jill Biden claimed that the community is just as unique as the-bodegas of the-Bronx. She also said that they are as pretty as the flowers in Miami and as different (breakfast) as the tacos from San Antonio. However, she did not correctly pronounce The Bodegas and Bronx . After her speech, the first lady was trolling on social media to make comparisons between the variety of Latino people living in the US and breakfast bodegas and tacos.

Jill Biden apologizes for her Ramark

In a quick twitter post, the First Lady apologised for Tuesday’s comments. Michael LaRosa posted on Twitter that the First Lady apologized for any impression her words left of anything other than genuine love for the community.

Jill Biden made a comment that compared Latino diversity with breakfast bodegas and tacos. This angered many of her followers.

Bogadas : NAHJ Response To Her Words

Biden’s comments were criticised by Latinx organizations. The National-Association of Hispanic-Journalists released a statement. It shows that there is little cultural awareness or knowledge about Latino culture. Morning tacos can be used to show San Antonio’s uniqueness to Latinos.

Each one of us is unique and not like a taco. The history of Latinos is not limited to one stereotype. It has been influenced by many cultures, diasporas, traditions. NAHJ asked Jill Biden, the speech’s author, to learn more about Latino communities so they could better understand them.

More Information About the Incident

The Republicans quickly seized the opportunity to attack the Bogadas incident in Bronx and launched a social-media campaign. Andy Bigg (Arizona Representative) says that Jill Biden’s assertion that “Hispanics can be as unique and tacos” explains the reason why Hispanics are losing faith in Democratic-Party.

Janet Murguia (UnidosUS President and CEO) expressed her gratitude to Jill Biden for being a guest. Janet stated that Jill was a dear friend and she feels privileged to have been there. Jill is a great friend and an instructor for the Latino community. These are all important updates regarding this issue.

Final Thoughts on Bodegas of Bronx

This article states that the First Lady was criticized for comparing Latino diversity to breakfast tacos and bodegas. Following this First Lady statement, the Latino community attacked her on social media.

Later she apologized for her mistake and tried to make amends via Twitter, through the official account. For more information on Bodega , please click here.

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