Although there are a lot of articles and study material for Bitcoin trading for beginners, few portray a realistic picture of it. However, a few outlines and caution about the crypto market.

The crypto market is more liquid than the other traditional asset classes; however, given the current economic scenario, many struggle to bring food to the table. Therefore, to hedge the ongoing inflation, most have resorted to trying their luck in the crypto market.

As an aspiring crypto trader, you wish to understand all the possible risks involved; otherwise, you might end up burning up your funds which might add up to your financial woes.

If you are amongst those who wish to understand all the possible risks involved, then you have come to the right place. However, before we indulge and look and start navigating through the rough waters, we need to point out a few basic risks that are associated even before you set sail.

Requiring a small amount of capital to get going.

Indeed, you do not need huge sums of money to start trading. You can open your account for as little as $100. There is no great time to enter the market; the best time is when you take the initiative to enter the market.

Nonetheless, it would help if you were to invest in the crypto market that amount of money you will not regret if the situation goes south.

You can build up your financial holding by investing a little but frequently over a long period.

Setting up a realistic goal.

Before you indulge in trading Bitcoin or any other crypto, you need to answer a simple question “why do you need to enter a crypto market?” 

Dealing in the crypto market is a serious business; you need to set realistic goals and stick with them. Goals like the next big car, a house or a romantic getaway, or even saving up for the next five years or something in those terms are good and reasonable goals. Once your goals are set up, you will eventually set a time limit to achieve them.

These goals are essential as they will discourage you from diverting from them. You will have a laser focus as you enjoy trading Bitcoin and learn from each trade; thus, you will eliminate any silly mistakes you might make, making a huge profit with little loss. 

Selection of the Right Platform.

Online is exploding with many trading platforms; some are crypto exchanges while the rest are brokers. However, many scammers lurk in the dark to pounce on you and empty your wallets. Thus, you must select the right trading platform.

It would help if you always went for a reputable and regulated exchange or a broker. These registered trading platforms will always ensure their valid trading license and certificate to carry out their trade from a governmental or private regulatory authority. They will usually have it on their websites; if they don’t, they are obliged to produce it on demand.

A licensed and certified exchange or a broker will ensure fair play and will safeguard your interest before theirs. In addition, these exchanges and brokers have their reputations at stake and thus will avoid indulging in underhandedness in dealing with their clients.

A quick search of their firm’s name with “fraudulent activities” on the internet will show if they are involved in any scams or other fraudulent activities. 

Another approach is to check for the reviews section on their website. But, of course, nobody will ever be satisfied even if they get a good deal; a few disgruntled clients wish to have more than what they are being offered. Thus, the review will show you the general mood and how the exchange or the broker resolved the situation.

The tips mentioned earlier are essential if these exchanges or firms are located or have their headquarters in different countries. You should also check with your local authorities to verify if these exchanges or brokers are allowed to conduct their trade in your state.

Online programs.

Many exchanges and brokers have self-paced online programs that allow you to understand the basics of Bitcoin Trading for beginners. These self-paced programs help you to learn at any time of the day. Thus, there is no fixed time of the day when you need to devote time to learning the crypto market and its workings; you can study as and when you please.

Another advantage is that since it is self-paced, you can go back to the recordings if certain terms, terminologies, or concepts are challenging to understand.

Dedicated Client Service.

Before enrolling, ensure that they are offering good client services. Many have the option of chatting and direct calls to their client support. Check how good their response is, and if you are satisfied with it, then enroll with them.

This is especially true if these exchanges or brokers are based outside your country.

Demo Trading Platform.

Once you are equipped with all the knowledge of Bitcoin Trading for beginners, you should try your skills on a demo trading platform. This helps you to get familiarized with trading platforms. Initially, you will find it a bit challenging to operate it, but it is not beyond your reach. If you happen to find it a bit challenging, you can always get help from the client’s support; they will help you out.

The demo trading platform is as good as the actual trading platform, the only difference being that any profit or loss you make will not hurt your wallet.

  • It would be advantageous if you were to treat the demo account as the actual account, as this approach has many advantages.
  • You will start making decisions based on your research; thus, you will avoid gambling away your virtual money.
  • You will get familiarized with the charts and graphs of the trading app.
  • You will also start using features like “Take-Profit,” and “Stop-Loss.”
  • You will have a realistic approach, and you are bound to learn from each trade you make, whether profit or loss.
  • You will also learn to stick to your trading strategies instead of impulse trading.
  • You will learn to make logic-based decisions rather than those based on your emotions which is essential, or else you are doomed to commit mistakes that will cause you dearly when you start on the actual trading platforms.
  • You will also discover your trading style based on your personality.
  • Keep reminding yourself of the goals that you need to achieve.


Bitcoin Trading for beginners can be fun; as you learn and grow with experience, you will become a proficient Bitcoin trader in no time. All that is required for you to do is to invest a little time and take the trade on a demo or the actual platform a bit seriously. 

Once you understand the dynamics involved, you will start making huge profits by making your goals into reality.