Are you hunting for a comfy flat or a lush villa in the city? There are tons of regions in Dubai where opulent properties are available as a solid investment opportunity. The real estate market is favoring buyers, which adds another reason why you should own a home in the Emirate.

No other city prioritizes real estate like Dubai. It’s home to an expansive palm trees shaped archipelago, impressive skyscrapers, and plenty of top-class villa neighborhoods. Offering an unrivaled lifestyle, Dubai is also incredibly safe. Owing to the abundance of cosmopolitan, futuristic ventures and distinctly styled developments, the city is an ideal haven for investors. 

Although some of the regions listed below are higher on the price spectrum, the overall prospects for development prove them to be a stellar area of investment. Now, let’s kickstart our guide on the most sought-after residential developments to purchase homes in Dubai. 

  1. Dubai Marina 

This gorgeous waterfront address is awash with amenities and recreational facilities. Dubai Marina boasts an appealing combo of high-rise apartments. Lots of dining and retail outlets have made the location an all-time favorite among real estate investors. This Bluewaters Island venture by Emaar Properties also points to the region’s timeless glamour.

The selling price of apartments for sale in Dubai Marina are stable. And the ROI of the flats stands at 5%. Those hunting for an investment hotspot in the city should immediately snatch these homes while the costs are still favorable. 

The average cost of studios in Dubai Marina is AED 754k. For single bedrooms, it’s AED 1.2 million, AED 1.8 million for double bedroom apartments, and AED 3 million for triple bedroom units.

  1. Downtown Dubai 

Dubbed as the center of now, Downtown Dubai is home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar, and The Dubai Mall. This region is known for opulent high-rise skyscrapers in the middle, and quaint buildings in Old Town. The allure of Downtown Dubai is meant to be timeless, with Burj Khalifa being the most visited tourist attraction.

An enviable lifestyle is guaranteed here, and the expensive costs don’t steal the appeal of the flats due to the solid secondary market. ROI of Dubai Marina flats is 5%. Costs are mostly on the higher spectrum, with studios selling for AED 1 million. 

The selling price of a single bedroom unit is AED 1.5 million, while the commodious double bedroom apartments are sold at AED 3 million. Finally, a triple bedroom unit stands at AED 4.9 million, So if you are looking for the best places to buy property in Dubai 2022 then Downtown is your best bet.

  1. Jumeirah Lake Towers 

If we talk about property investment opportunities in Dubai, another region to consider if you’re interested in apartments is Jumeirah Lake Towers. These are affordable flats in the high-rise buildings adjacent to the more posh development of Dubai Marina. Nevertheless, they offer similar facilities at a budget-friendly cost making it an ideal investment in the city.

The ROI of investing in the establishment is 6.8%. Occupants have access to a great variety of bars, culinary outlets, and entertainment facilities. Swimming pools, gyms, and fitness centers are present. For shopping enthusiasts, the prestigious Dubai Marina Mall is present across the road. Not only this, Mall of the Emirate and Ibn Battuta Mall are also in the vicinity.

The average selling cost of studios is AED 451k. As for single bedroom apartments, it is AED 822k, and for double bedroom apartments, it is AED 1.3 million. Lastly, triple bedroom apartments are sold at AED 1.5 million. 

  1. Dubai Silicon Oasis 

This is another excellent region to invest in properties. The area is famous among potential homeowners and investors hunting for economical apartments. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a demanding neighborhood featuring lots of commercial spaces present with tons of amenities, like eateries, parks, hospitals, schools, and more. 

It first started as a hub for technology startups, but fastly expanded into a thriving residential destination. Inhabitants of Dubai Silicon Oasis will be spoiled for choice with a range of property types. The ROI of these homes is 6.8%. 

The flats range from comfy studios to airy 3 bedroom apartments. This makes it perfect for all types of buyers – families to young professionals. 

Cozy studios can be bought in AED 327k. The selling price of a single bedroom apartment is AED 473k. For double bedroom apartments, you’ll be paying AED 801k. And for triple bedroom apartments, you can expect to pay AED 1 million.

  1. International City 

Another establishment where you can purchase affordable apartments is International City. True to its name, it is home to country themed clusters. The rare architecture makes much of the appeal. Plenty of country-specific retail outlets and districts are components of International City. In the first phase, the following are present:

  • The Lake District
  • China District
  • The Forbidden City
  • England District 
  • Central District
  • France District
  • Emirates District
  • Greece District
  • Italy District
  • Morocco District
  • Spain District 

Situated near Global Village and Al Warqa, it’s spread across 8.2 square km. The facilities and affordability are the main highlights of International City. As for the ROI, it’s 7.5%. An intimate studio can be yours in AED 228k. 

Selling price of a single bedroom apartment is AED 321k. Double bedroom apartments can be bought in AED 666k. Finally, 3 bedroom apartments are available at AED 1 million.

Most Popular Areas to Buy Villas in Dubai

Villas are another demanding property type, and the following two developments boast the villas in the city.

  1. Damac Hills 2 

Situated near Al Qudra lakes, the pristine establishment is famous among homeowners and investors. This is the first eco-friendly, green neighborhood in Dubai. Currently, it’s the cheapest place to own a home in the city. This is surprising as Damac Hills 2 is in the vicinity of Expo 2020. 

It’s a stable long-term investment to own a villa here with a praiseworthy ROI of 4.8%. The asking price of 3 bedroom villas is AED 1 million. A 4 bedroom villa can be yours in AED 1.5 million. Moving on, the airy 5 bedroom villas stand at AED 1.9 million. Lastly, the even more spacious 6 bedroom villa is available at AED 2.6 million. 

  1. Dubai Hills Estate 

The meticulously crafted mega-development is constructed around the outstanding 18-hole championship golf course. Convenience and comfort are redefined here from the renowned Emaar Properties. The strategic central address keeps residents near the hotspots. A home in Dubai Hills Estate can generate the ROI of 5.2%.

All homes fulfill the eco-friendly standards. The costs of 3 to 6 bedroom villas are: AED 3.9 million, AED 4.5 million, AED 6.2 million, and AED 18 million respectively.