Introduce about Textra SMS

The most customizable and versatile SMS interface app I’ve ever used.

The messaging interface can’t be boring, like a friendship that needs to be renewed and nurtured daily. Let an SMS interface application like Textra SMS MOD APK do this for you.

Why do you need a messaging interface application?

SMS in smartphones always has a default interface and a few small options for the interface colors. You can slightly change the way messages are displayed on your device. However, it will still be the same font with the classic colors and display, nothing new. It’s pretty boring, isn’t it? Imagine how boring it would be if you use only one SMS interface for years. Eww, I cannot think of it.

In addition, when you spend a lot of time texting with relatives, friends, and partners, creating excitement for yourself in texting will be a thing that you must focus on. Sometimes, some different Emoji sets, animated text images on the message background… can make our conversation more interesting than ever. However, these SMS interfaces available on mobile can’t do it.

Well, if you find yourself in one of the above situations, I think you need to download Textra SMS right away.

What is Textra SMS?

Textra SMS is one of the most popular smartphone SMS interface applications today. It is highly customizable, has a simple but beautiful interface, more than 100 themes inspired by Material Design, dark mode for the night, pop-up notification. You can change the notification’s color light, switch to a recording tool when you’re lazy to type, delay sending the message, and quickly delete messages by slide. This app also supports Pushbullet, MightyText, and Android Wear. Most importantly, it’s completely free to use.

How to use it is simple and extremely fast. You just need to install, activate, and use it. I think anyone, even those who are low-tech, can install and use it by themselves.

My experience in Textra SMS

The first point I like in the different features of Textra SMS is the ability to delete messages by sliding to the left, then double-tap the trash-can icon; or it lets you make a quick call without returning to the main screen, you just need to swipe left and press the phone icon. This method of operation is very convenient and fast (and quite similar to iPhone, making it very suitable for those who have just switched from iPhone to Android).

The next thing I appreciate is the ability to show very vivid pop-up notifications.

You can directly touch that pop-up window and quickly reply to messages, which is extremely useful when in meetings where it is not convenient to follow the long message thread. This quick-reply feature will save you a lot of time.

The third thing I love about Textra SMS is its beauty, simplicity, and cuteness. It is said that the publisher has so far updated more than 180 material design-style themes. Don’t think these minimalist cute textures provide nothing but side decoration value.

It will entertain your mood a lot, especially when you are in extremely “poisonous” arguments through texting. Those simple images and textures will lighten the mood somewhat. You can also customize each of your friends with a unique pattern as marking a special relationship, which is also quite cool.

Interestingly, it has a Delay feature. Have you ever been afraid that when the message is being composed, not intended to be sent, but you mistakenly press the Send button? Textra SMS can help you. At this point, I am completely convinced by this app because its ability to Delay sending messages is extremely strong. As long as the other side has not seen the message, it can be withdrawn at any time.

The last reason why I use this app is because of its extremely flexible and deep customizability. You can choose the color and shape of the message bubble, the color of the application icon, the brightness of the screen, day and night light adjustment, the color of the notification light.

Moreover, you can also choose and adjust optional signature, sound, vibration when new messages come, change privacy, reminder style, or mute. There are also many fonts and 21 different font sizes for you to choose from… I believe there is no other smartphone interface application that lets you interfere deeply in “internal” like this.

In addition, the extra features in Textra SMS are also extremely useful, such as automatic brightness during the day and night mode at night, blocking spam messages, compressing videos and animations, allowing you to both get a photo from the library and take a snapshot through the camera. There’s even a function to schedule SMS and automatically send at the scheduled time.

Textra SMS is also the only app capable of recognizing all 3000+ Emojis from Android, Twitter, JoyPixels & iOS. You will not be afraid of losing the beauty of the icon when sending or receiving the low-quality icon from the other.

MOD APK version of Textra SMS

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Download Textra SMS MOD APK for Android

This app is neat and takes up super little space on your phone. It has strong customization capabilities and many useful extra features. I think everyone who is addicted to texting should have Textra SMS on their Android device.