TextBroker.com offers content writing services in the United States. Clients must register, provide the content writing guidelines, and fund their TextBroker.com accounts. Once the account has been funded, a content writer can be assigned to the client’s request. The freelancer must submit the article/blog to the client. Once accepted, the client may submit it for editing with suggestions or reject it.

Let’s examine Text Broker Scam.

TextBroker.com is legitimate:

TextBroker has a 96% trust score and a significant Alexa rank of 30,699. It also has a Business ranking of 62.9% and a low suspicion score score of 18%. Its IP uses secure HTTPS connections with valid SSL certificates for the next 330-day. TextBroker provides AUTHENTIC services and is therefore a LEGITIMATE site.

TextBroker’s CEO is Phillip Thune. TextBroker.com was established on the 30th of August 1999. It was also registered in the USA. It is a website that has been online for twenty-two years, nine months and thirteen days. Although it is a long-standing website, its registration will expire in two months and seventeen day on the 30th of August 2022.

Textbroker Review :

TextBroker.com insists that freelancers should be from the USA and UK. These criteria were used to close hundreds of accounts and leave them unpaid. While we checked the feedback of freelancers on BBB and Quora (https://www.quora.com/Does-a-Textbroker-really-work-or-is-it-fake), we found:

  • Freelancers claimed that they were asked to take pictures in front of a specific location in the USA and UK in order to verify that they are citizens.
  • The USA banned freelancers who had moved to the USA without submitting proof of ID from another country. These freelancers filed complaints against Text Broker Scam
  • TextBroker.com did not allow freelancers who used VPN to access TextBroker.com. Their IP address was different than the one in the USA or UK.
  • TextBroker allows freelancers from the USA and UK to sign up at a default rating of 3 stars. After a while, he will be promoted to 4-stars, then to 5-stars ratings. This is after an assessment that freelancers felt was political motivated.
  • Another freelancer complained about how he had submitted thousands of articles to TextBroker.com and that they had closed his account with more than $200. This was because freelancers who dispute low payments for articles are degraded or banned.

Low Payment Rates – Scam :

  • 2 star freelancers are paid 0.007C/word
  • A 3-star gets 0.01C/word
  • A 4-star gets 0.014C//word.
  • A 5-star star is worth 0.05C//word

We do not endorse/oppose TextBroker.com or similar businesses/services. Information is provided as it was found on the internet.


It is a rumor that the TextBroker Scam exists. Freelancers shared their complaints via social media, consumer discussion forums and, most importantly, on the internet. TextBroker.com policies were most often the reason accounts were closed. TextBroker provides legitimate services to more than 100K freelancers for thousands of clients.