Texas Roadhouse needs no introduction because it is a famous and famous steakhouse focusing on steaks sent to you inside a Southwestern and Texan cuisine style. Founded in 1993, Texas Roadhouse operates its chain across 666 locations dotted across 49 states in the usa. The dining home is very popular within the U . s . States.

But, center is making news due to a scam circulating across social networking. A gimmick is circulating on Facebook claiming to provide free meal vouchers and gifts to visitors who share the posts with buddies.

Continue studying to understand more about Texas Roadhouse Scam.

What’s the Scam About?

On 29th September, Texas Roadhouse has shared a publish on their own Facebook page mentioning a gimmick circulating over social networking. Many consumers and visitors of Texas Roadhouse within the U . s . States are targeted.

The scammers are utilizing the company name and posting junk e-mail posts on Facebook about this account, claiming to provide free meal vouchers and gifts towards the visitors who share the publish using their buddies. The scammers are posting such messages having a link, so that as you follow the link for discussing, the scammers will get access to your individual details.

So, Texas Roadhouse urges its visitors to prevent such posts rather than click any suspicious link.

Is Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam Real or Fake?

As reported by the official social networking page of Texas Roadhouse, the scam is real, and scammers are individuals restaurant’s visitors to complete scams.

Scammers are utilizing the company name and discussing suspicious posts in the news Feed of numerous customers and visitors claiming to provide free meal vouchers and advantages of Texas Roadhouse upon effective discussing from the publish with buddies.

Individuals are advised to click the suspicious link to defend myself against a web-based survey, so that as they follow the link, they’re redirected to 3rd party sites where scammers get access to their private information.

So, center is advocating all visitors to prevent the Texas Roadhouse Scam rather than click any suspicious link or share this news Feed with buddies. Texas Roadhouse isn’t offering such deals or vouchers to visitors, and individuals mustn’t be taken in by such junk e-mail posts on Facebook.

What’s Texas Roadhouse Done?

Texas Roadhouse understands the scam circulating on social networking. They’ve shared a publish to tell their visitors about this and advocating these to steer clear of the scam publish on social networking.

Center on their own social networking page has recommended not hitting any links or discussing the Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam publish using their buddies. Additionally they confirmed the scammers have been reported, and shortly this news Feed is going to be removed.

Within their publish, center has additionally apologized for that scam publish. It’s creating confusion among the loyal visitors along with other roadies.


Scammers take social networking to flow a gimmick publish that states offer free Texas Roadhouse vouchers and advantages to visitors upon effectively discussing the publish with buddies.

Center understands the Texas Roadhouse Scam and advised all loyal visitors to prevent this news Feed. You should check more information on their official Social Networking Page.