The Texas ECU Game was played on Sunday. Texas recorded a 11-1 victory over ECU. Find out more.

Did you know that Texas defeated Carolina in the final game to qualify for the College World Series? The game was delayed by the weather, but it started at 4 PM CT.

The grass field was damp so the second one lasted approximately five hours. Texas defense has been outstanding during this second one. The Texas ECU Game had been thoroughly watched by millions of viewers in the United States. Many people also took part in the online discussions.

Was the Texas ECU Match?

This article is intended to provide all the information we can about the match between ECU/Texas and the direction the game took after it was over. East Carolina and Texas were the first to meet on the field. Texas also rallied for another victory, while the Pirates scored a win.

As the two teams had never faced each other before, there was much excitement about the Texas ECU Game. There were many concerns and speculations as to the weather conditions. But, the match result was that Texas defeated East Carolina 11-1 and thus advances to college world series.

Stevens did a great job in the beginning and pitched six innings. He also won another game as a starter, his seventh of the year. Texas will face Notre Dame next week in Omaha. Texas, A&M (Arkansas), Oklahoma and Oklahoma are the four teams that have made it to the college world series.

Texas is on the Road to Success after the Texas ECU Game

East Carolina is the winner of this year’s tournament, finishing with a 46-21 score. The pirate team wanted to be in their first college series. Texas beat them. Texas is now leading East Carolina 10-1 after eight innings. Sixth-year senior at Texas Tristan Stevens performed well. He had five hits, three walks, one run and scored five runs in his six-inning debut. Stevens played a significant role in Saturday’s win for Texas.

The Texas ECU Game result is out. The next step is very simple. The tournament’s remaining teams will now be playing in college world series. A&M Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma will all be playing in the college series.


Texas defeated East Carolina thanks to the intense participation of each player as well as their weather inclinations. Both teams have played well. None of them had ever played each other before this weekend. A&M, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas are the four teams that reached the college-world series. See live updates for Texas vs East Carolina: College World Series, game three.

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