Are you following the results of the Tennessee Primary Election? People in Tennessee United States are thrilled to see the election result and are cheering on their favorite candidates via social media. You are here because you love to learn more about Tennessee Primary2022. This article will focus on the 2022 Tennessee Primary results and the Election winner.

Who was the Republican Primary winner in 2022?

Andy Ogles won Thursday’s Republican Primary Election for 5th Congressional District. Andy received 37% of his votes from five districts. Andy’s supporters, volunteers, and other donors attended the Franklin energetic watch party, which took place on the 4th August 2022. When the results were announced, they cheered Andy. Andy Ogles won 36.9%, Beth Harwell 26.0% and Kurt Winstead 22% of the votes.

Beth Harwell Tennessee Election

Beth Harwell Halteman, a Tennessee resident, is a member of Tennessee’s board of directors. She is also known for being the official speaker of Tennessee’s House of Representatives.

Harwell was also a participant in the Tennessee Primary Election, and she secured the second place with 26% votes. Andy Ogles was her opponent for the first place. Beth Harwell’s campaign denied that her watch party was open to the media. Andy Ogles had to leave her, but she thanked all her supporters and volunteers for supporting her campaign for congress.

What is Tennessee Primary 2022 ?

We know that some of our readers are familiar with the Tennessee Primary. But, if you’re curious about the Tennessee Primary election we have you covered. We just informed you that Tennessee’s election result has been released. But, is this the same result for the general election? The answer is no.

Primary elections are used to either narrow the field or determine which candidates will be running in the general election. The winner of the Tennessee Primary election will be chosen with the most votes. A candidate can win even though they have less than 50% of the vote.

Advertisement attack by Beth Harwell Tennessee

On Thursday, an assortment of ads flooded the internet one day before the Tennessee Primary Election 2020 result. Beth Harwell, a formal speaker in the house, posted a negative advertisement for Andy Ogles. She called him a lobbyist who is supported by amnesty-loving RINOs that sell out America.


This article discusses the Tennessee primary election. It also provides information about the Election’s outcome and winner.

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