Are you a believer that politics is responsible for everything in the world? Are you a believer in the goodness of God, or do politics influence everything? It is all good with people who love it every day.

Are you a victim of protests for what you want? Do you believe in it? If so, you should be familiar with Tamara Lich.

She is so well-known that almost everyone knows her Canada. Nearly everyone is aware of the Tamara Lich Arrestcontroversy.

Continue reading to learn more about her arrest and the reasons behind it.

What do you think about Tamara?

She is a Canadian politician and a Maverick administration member. She is a Christian and a faithful follower.

She is well-known and educated in Canada. She was once a senior authority in the splinter group.


  • Name- Tamara Lich
  • Age of Tamara- 47 years. Old.
  • Saskatchewan is the place of birth.
  • Date of birth: She was born in 1975.
  • Occupation- Politician
  • Height- 5Feet
  • Religion- Christian.

Tamara Leich Arrest: Learn About Controversy

According to news reports, Tamara, a politician-by-training, was arrested by Ottawa police. She was arrested along with two other Freedom Convey protest members.

For three days, almost all protestors were arrested by Ottawa police officers. Sources claim that Lich was arrested Thursday night.

The Canadian government had recently passed a new rule that allowed them to arrest protestors and blockades.

Let’s look at the reasons for the protest following Tamara Lich Arrest.

Why did she protest?

It is now a requirement in Canada that you have compulsory Covid vaccination before you travel to the US.

Freedom Convey was protesting against compulsory vaccination. They started the protest against compulsory vaccination.

Protestors demanded that all the Covid restrictions be lifted. This protest led to blockages at many US-Canadian border crossings.

What was her reaction to being arrested?

Tamara posted a video after the incident stating that this was an anticipated arrest.

Even after the Tamara Leich Arrest she called for another protest and block to seize the rights from government hands.

Note – All details mentioned here are based solely on research by the media and the internet.

Final Verdict

These are all details that Tamara has collected about her arrest. It is clear that Tamara was protesting against the rule of government as well as for her rights.

We can also state that protesting COVID restrictions is inappropriate, as they are safety measures for the public.

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