Are you ready to load up your crew and explore? Do you have plans to head out somewhere new, make memories and get away from the daily routine? Family vacations are excellent opportunities to show your kids a fun time and teach them something about life.

However, packing for them can feel daunting, deciding what you need and what can stay behind. You want to focus on enjoyment when you arrive; you don’t want to hunt down extra swimsuits or find ibuprofen. Check these guidelines on what to do in Newnan, GA. What is the guideline? Use the following tips to pack like a champ and minimize your vacation blips.

1. Make a List of What Each Kid Must Have

Start with the absolutes. You have kiddos who can help you gather things, but they are likely to miss items. Make sure you write out everything they should put into the suitcase and check it off. Stick to essential clothing items such as underwear, shorts, shirts, pajamas and bathing suits. Write out enough for each day and a couple of extras (you never know with children). If you have a super packer (the kid that wants to bring the entire room), tell them they can’t add to the list!

Then, start on your notes. Does your crew take kids vitamins every day? If they don’t, consider the benefits daily vitamins could bring to your children, such as supporting their health and maintaining healthy growth. Bring along products such as this that support health and are easy to store. In addition, grab the generic medicines, such as ointment creams, daily medications and fever control products. Select things that they can’t go without or you don’t want to hunt down in the middle of the night.

2. Pick Out a Few Entertainment Sources

This trip is your vacation, too, so you may want to bring along the technology. It gives kiddos some free time and allows you some quiet (which you deserve). Keep it simple, though. Limit the number of things to what can fit in the suitcase or one small bag.

In addition, you don’t need the game system and the tablet. What do your kids use the most? Have one thing for each child; you want to minimize fights and arguments.

3. Bring Communication Technology

Technology helps you stay in touch with each other on vacation and offers distractions. For each thing, you bring, have the charger. Store them in the same area. Consider using a separate bag or finding a section in a suitcase that works for it all.

4. Skip the Home Toiletries

While you can load up everyone’s toothbrushes, it’s a hassle. Head to the store and snag a cheap set of 4 or 5 for a few bucks. This purchase reduces space and packing needs. Plus, grab one tube of toothpaste for everyone to share. People can learn to love the same flavor for a few days. Toss it at the end of the vacation. What about the perfumes and the makeup? Stick with a few things such as foundation, mascara and lip gloss,

5. Only Bring Snacks for the Travel Time

May parents overpack the snacks, thinking they’ll save money on the trip. It’s a great idea but has its flaws. Your crew will want to eat local fare when you arrive, but they could get hungry in the car or on the plane. Pack enough things for quick travel grabs, satisfying cravings and hunger pains. Don’t bring the entire pantry. Instead, stick to a few small portioned choices that make it convenient.

6. Leave Most Accessories at Home

Do you love shoes? Are you a jewelry person? These accessories are great at home, but they take up space when you travel. Minimize the number you get to bring. Bring one or two hats. Have two pairs of shoes. Anything more is often unnecessary.

Packing takes time and patience. Avoid rushing it. Instead, rely on creating lists for you and others to ensure you have what you need. If you’re tempted to pack a lot, then step back and ask if you plan to put it to good use.