You have read positive reviews about heydude sneakers and received recommendations. Would you like to buy them in the United States You might be surprised to learn that heydude shoes can be affordable, fashionable, lightweight, and stylish. Did you know that heydude shoes are casual, unisex footwear that does not require any sox?

Did you know that the Heydude brand has been misused to deceive customers? Let’s see Review.


Tagsdy, a commercial website that is less than a month old, has extensively misappropriated the heydude(r). brand. Tagsdy website replicated the website in various aspects, including unisex shoes and policy contents. Tagsdy is fraudulent website.

Tagsdy had 80 versions of unisex slippers, sox and casual shoes. These were also available on Tagsdy also reproduced the trademark and logo of haydude(r). You can also find the 50% discount and $50 free shipping on orders over $50 at Any information on Tagsdy is intended to extort customers. We also answered Is Legit.

You will find the casual and unisex slippers, shoes, and sox under:

  1. Shoes for men
  2. Shoes for women
  3. Shoes for youth


  • Buy unisex shoes at:
  • Social media links:not listed on Tagsdy.
  • Price: $19.99.
  • Physical address:unspecified at Tagsdy.
  • Customer Reviews, blogs and blogs:blogging does not work. Tagsdy does allow customers to rate and provide feedback.
  • Terms & Conditions:plagiarized by Tagsdy.
  • Privacy policy:plagiarized by Tagsdy.
  • Phone number (or) Whatsapp number:not specific at Tagsdy.
  • Store locatorTagsdy e-store without physical outlet
  • FAQ and Help: is not listed on Tagsdy.
  • Delivery Policy:shoes will be delivered by Tagsdy within 30 days
  • reviews Shipping Policy:Tagsdy takes 2 days to process an order.
  • Cancellation Policy –not specified in Tagsdy.
  • Tracking:not feasible on Tagsdy because the carrier information is missing.
  • Return PolicyTagsdy allows returns within 30 days. Customers must contact customer service within 60 calendar days if their shoes are damaged.
  • Policy on Refunds: Tagsdy will issue refunds within 14 calendar days of the original payment method.
  • Email address to[email protected]
  • Payment Mode:via Amex or ApplePay, Master Card/Master Card, PayPal and Visa in USD.
  • Newsletters: Not Published by Tagsdy.


  • Extra purchases at Tagsdy get you a whopping 25% discount
  • Orders above $50 qualify for free shipping, as per Review
  • Tagsdy contains detailed product specifications and images
  • You can find shoes in a variety of sizes and colors at Tagsdy
  • All shoes are $19.99 at Tagsdy, with 50% off


  • Poor design website for Tagsdy, without sorting or filtering options
  • Tagsdy’s website logic and inventory control are poor. Users can order 1000000 of the same shoe.
  • It is difficult to reach customer service because the number isn’t available and the email address pertains to
  • Tagsdy did not acknowledge receipt of a shipment.
  • PayPal is the only option for payment at checkout

Is Legit?

  • Tagsdy creation on 11/04/2022 at 08:03.20
  • Tagsdy Age Thirty-One Days.
  • Tagsdy. Last update on: 11 April 2022 at 08.00:31.
  • Tagsdy Expiry at 11 April 2023, 08:03:20
  • Tagsdy Life Expectancy:expires after 10 months.
  • Trust Index Tagsdy has an awful trust index of 1%.
  • Business RankingTagsdy is a zero business rank.
  • Origin: High-risk country China is CoO of Tagsdy.
  • Status Of Blacklisting: tagsdy is not listed anywhere.
  • SSL Statusits IP is a valid SSL certification protocol.
  • Threat Profile92/100
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 92/100.
  • Phishing Score20/100
  • Malware Score88/100
  • Spam Score:24/100
  • Connection Security:Tagsdy utilizes a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • Social relations: Pages were not available on social media.
  • Contact person at Tagsdy:unspecified
  • Contact and Identity of the Owner:Tagsdy censored information about the owner using services from

Customer Reviews

It is possible that the Tagsdy website is a Scam. There are two YouTube reviews and five website reviews. Positive product reviews are above 4.5/5 stars on Tagsdy. These product reviews cannot be trusted on Tagsdy.

There were no reviews on social media or elsewhere on the internet. Tagsdy is ranked zero on Alexa.

Conclusion: Review concluded that was a fraud. It originated from a high-risk nation. We don’t recommend Tagsdy because of the high suspicion, threat and malware profile that pose a security risk for user data.