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Recent research in the United States shows that buyers trust and prefer online shopping platforms for purchasing items. Unfortunately, there are many scamming shopping websites that masquerade as trustworthy sites to deceive people.

However, we will be providing an unbiased review about Sxcco reviews


It was noticed by our survey that the website claimed it was created in 2018 and was designed by sneaker experts. The website also announced that each item is properly checked by its faculty members before it ships. It stated that it has the mission to produce the highest quality products and deliver them directly to customers at a reduced price.

Website also mentioned that they value all clients and provide prompt assistance when necessary. We will now gather more information about the virtual shopping portal.

Checking Critical Specifications

  • The official website’s URL is
  • The exchange policy information has been missing.
  • We discovered the newsletter subscription feature on the site.
  • Their analysis revealed that they accept PayPal payments.
  • Website suggests that customers return the item in the same packaging as it was delivered.
  • We found different icons for social networks on the portal.
  • The survey revealed that the virtual shop was created on 28/06/2022, so it is still only 9 days old.
  • They will issue a refund in the original form of payment, as per their policy.
  • The investigation discovered an address at the site: Delaware, OH 43015 United States.
  • [email protected] is the mail address declared on this online shop.
  • The Survey revealed that shipping time is between 7 and 9 business days.
  • We do not provide telephone numbers.
  • We have examined the delivery policy strings.
  • This site sells shirts as well undergarments and accessories.


  • We found the email address mentioned.
  • The surveyors noticed the contact address.
  • These icons can be found on social media.
  • A newsletter option is present.

Downfalls Noticed

  • The icons are only a redirect to the official website for that social platform.
  • Trustpilot has not received any reviews.
  • The website’s interface looks the same as other suspicious portals.
  • The phone number is unavailable.

Is Sxcco Legit?

  • Policy– We noticed the information about policies provided seemed generalized and was not specific.
  • Trust Rating-Our examination revealed a 26.4/100 result.
  • Portal Age The analysis discovered that its creation date is 28-06-2022. It suggests that it’s 9 days old.
  • Shoppers’ opinion – Trustpilot doesn’t have a single review. However, Facebook users have posted negative reviews about this site, raising many doubts.
  • Alexa Rank – This website has a rank 703402.
  • Plagiarization Noticed We estimate that this site looks a lot like a few suspicious websites, making it difficult build trust.
  • Untrustworthy Rebates – The Sxcco Survey identified that the products were listed with 50% off
  • Site Expiry date 28-06-2023 is’s freezing date.
  • Trust Score — The site’s value is 1%, which is a poor and unreliable score.
  • Information The address given is Delaware Square Shopping Center. But, you can see the exact address details on several other shopping websites.
  • Social Media Connections Our research found that icons are not functioning.
  • Founder’s Data – We haven’t found any clues over this factor.

Authentic Buyers Sxcco Review

We found that Trustpilot had no reviews of this online store. This raised many queries. Additionally, we discovered on Facebook that one user was commenting that this site is fraudulent because it used his photo without permission.

Other factors that raise questions about this site include a low trusted rank score value and no connection to any social media platforms. We cannot comment on the authenticity of this site as it is new. Find out how to understand the PayPal cons tricks here.


We reviewed this site in this post on Sxcco Reviews. It is questionable. This site could also be a trap. We advise you to stop buying from it. Therefore, we recommend buyers to do additional research before purchasing any product from this site. Get the details about credit card scams in

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