There are a variety of online stores that sell shoes. We have discovered a site that has an assortment of shoes. It is known as Sweetkick. The site has also become very well-known within America. United States. People are looking for the website’s products and its authenticity.

We’ll share all the crucial information regarding the site so that you don’t get caught in a bind. Through our blog on our Sweetkick RU Review You will be able to find all the important aspects you should know about.

What is Sweetkick Ru

Sweetkick RU is an e-store site that provides collection of shoes. They offer a wide selection of sports footwear. They also have shoes made by top brands such as Nike, AirJordan, Adidas etc. They offer a variety of styles and colors.

The site was established in 2021. it claims to be one the most reliable and professional online stores offering items at an affordable price. Let’s discuss the most important aspect of the site its features. If you’re looking to know more, Is Sweetkick RU legitimate?.

Specifications of Sweetkick the RU

  • Domain Link-
  • Domain Creation Date: On the 12th of December in 2021 the website was first brought into existence.
  • Refund Policy –After the return has been completed, the refund is expected to be processed within 24 hours.
  • Payment Options – Multiple payment options like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, etc.
  • Shipping TimingShipping timing is about 7-15 days.
  • Company Address:No company address provided.
  • Contact No.+853 63081777
  • Return Policy They’ve provided the return policy for 7 days.
  • Exchange PolicyThey provide a 3- to 7-day exchange period.
  • Email Address- Check this [email protected] via Sweetkick RU Reviews.
  • Newsletter No newsletter is provided.

In the second phase we will talk about what we consider to be the good and bad aspects in the web portal. Therefore, stay tuned.

Positive Element of Sweetkick the RU

  • The site has a variety of brand-name shoes.
  • They have an incredible number of collections.
  • The website also has an Instagram account.
  • This website is HTTPS protocol secure.

Negative elements of Sweetkick Ru

  • This site has very few followers on social media.
  • Contact details are not authentic.
  • Owner identity of the website is not available.
  • There aren’t any reviews on this site.
  • The interface for users on the site isn’t very impressive.

Is Sweetkick RU Legit? Or A Scam

This is the last and most important part that we will discuss. In this section, we will examine the most important factors that determine legitimacy that will enable us to know the true nature of the site. Therefore, with no delay Let’s get started.

  • Website Creation Date – Their website was launched in 2021/12/22. That was not too long time ago.
  • Domain Termination Date This website is scheduled to cease to operate on December 22, 2022.
  • DiscountsHTML0 Discounts None of their items are on sale.
  • Credibility ScoreThe web site’s Trust Score is just 1 percent which is very bad.
  • Trust Rank –Check through Sweetkick Reviews of the United States ;the trust score is 58.3 percent, which is not considered to be good.
  • Address Authentication The company hasn’t disclosed its address.
  • PoliciesAll needed policies are listed correctly.
  • Content Quality Content under the heading About us is copied by 79% of the users..
  • Social Media Accounts –Only One social media profile was identified.
  • Customer Comments Customer Thoughts There is not a single customer review is available on the site.

The Customer’s View

A person’s opinion is crucial when it comes to knowing the legitimacy of a site. It aids users when they attempt to make a purchase on the site they want to visit. Therefore, when you look through the Sweetkick reviews of the website Unfortunately,

Last Thoughts

With all of the information in mind, we’re now ready to form our final opinions about the website. Sweetkick RU, a Sweetkick RU website deals in shoes and is quite modern site.

Therefore, we can classify it’s a questionable website. However, since it has a an account on social media and the way it’s currently active in the process of being updated, we must wait for updates in the future. Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comment box below.