If you are a FIFA player looking for details about Summer Tokens this article will provide the answers to your questions.

You are looking for details about Summer Swap tokens. Readers are searching for details about Summer Swap tokens. How to get them and what they can be used for. How does FIFA promote its events and engage the crowds?

Summer Tokens have been a buzz Worldwide in the meantime, and players are eager to find out more about the small tokens’ rewards. This article Summer Tokens will give you all the details about the token.

Information about Summer Swap Tokens

FIFA 2022 is ready for the biggest swap events in the history of FUT. Users will be rewarded with 50 tokens. Users must collect all 50 tokens to earn rewards. This EA event, which is a promotion strategy through the swaps, is the most significant to date.

EA’s tokens have a record number of users. EA also has a range of equally impressive promo swaps.

How to get Summer Swap Coins?

Swaps is a summer campaign for FIFA 2022 that allows the audience to earn the summer tokens set. These sets will be available from Monday, 25 July 2022- Monday. To get these tokens viewers, players, and audiences must login to the FUT Event and complete the Squad Building Challenges and other objectives.

These tokens can be claimed by swapping them for the SBC, objectives and certain packs. EA also offers other ways to earn the TOTS swap tokens previously hidden in rewards.

Swap Summer Tokens Rewards from These Tokens:

These tokens are a reward for the owner and they can be redeemed for more benefits. Some of the rewards include 25 packs, Prime Icon Moments Peter Schmeichel pick, EFFIG Tots, and other perks. You can choose from a variety of rewards depending on how many tokens you have.

One token will award you with an 82+X25 package, while 40 tokens will allow you to get Prime Icon Moments Zinedine Zidane. To see the full reward list, please visit How to Get Summer Swap Tokens.

What is the Expiry Date of these tokens

This article has mentioned that tokens can be claimed starting at the 24th of June 2022. They will expire on the 25th of July 2022. These tokens are non-redeemable after that date.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing all information regarding the Summer Swap tokens we can conclude that FIFA and EA have launched the biggest promotional strategy. These tokens were available from 24 June 2022. Summer Tokens will remain available until 25 July 2022.

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