This article will highlight the points of Supreme Court Didxxed and explain why such events took places after the court’s decision.

Have you heard the story about TikTok banning activists group? Do you want to know the reason? We will explain why this event occurred. It was just days ago that the pro-abortion decision went viral. Many were upset at the decisions of the six judges. The event shocked people from the United States Canada and the United Kingdom. Below you will find details about Supreme Court.

What’s the news?

It was revealed that the group of radical activists didxxed judges from the Roe Vs Wade trial and were therefore banned from TikTok. The group didn’t like the decision, so they created a backup to complain about the ban. It mentioned that their accounts had already been banned and that their accounts were being mass banned. They asked followers to lobby the legal department and request restoration of their accounts. They also shared an image that showed they had violated the community guidelines.

What Does Mean ??

Many people have questions about the meaning and usage of doxed. We will reveal the meaning. Doxxing means publishing private information on an individual with a malicious or negative intent. The same happened to Supreme Court judges. A group of activists leaked their information because they weren’t happy with the Supreme Court’s decision regarding abortion. They were expelled for this act and now their accounts are being reactivated with the help of their supporters.

Details on Supreme Court Doxxed

The footage included footage of women protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to ban the account. It also attacked Chief Judge Brett Kavanaugh calling him deviant and hyper-religious. A group of Catholic groups also called it a disrespect for interrupting a church service.

In protest of their wrong decision, they also marched against the judges’ residences, calling them various names. After their decision, the Supreme Court Addresses. The protests stated that women are not birth-giving machines.

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Final sum-up

It is evident that the Supreme Court judge’s decision didn’t go down well with the people, especially the women. The protest followed. We are hopeful that the matter will be settled soon, without any negative consequences for the activists. They chose the wrong approach for the right cause. What are your opinions on the decision? Is the activity at the Supreme Court being Doxxedcorrect Your comments are welcome below.