Are you on the Internet looking for toothpaste that can effectively make your teeth whiter? Are you dealing with tooth sensitivity? Do you wish to purchase tools and systems that will improve your overall dental health? Are you looking to purchase dental products online this holiday season in the United States

We recommend this article about offering oral care items. Let’s see Supersmile reviews below.

A brief description of

Supersmile(r), which was created by Dr Irwin Smigel in 1987, is a well-known dentist. He created a multipurpose toothpaste to fight cavites, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. features:

  • Brushes,
  • Tools
  • Zina Water Flosser
  • Toothpaste
  • Bundled Sets and Systems
  • Rinse your mouth and rinse it with mouthwash
  • Lip and Smile Beauty products
  • Holiday Collection

The Features Of –

  • Buy dental products at:
  • Links for Social Media:Links provided to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and are working.
  • Cost: Dental Products Starting at $5.00
  • Address Physical:Supersmile. 655 Madison Avenue. 24FL. New York, NY – 10065. It is to verify Does Supersmile have a valid?
  • Terms, Conditions: Clearly describing copyrights trademarks liability.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs –Testimonials & blogs are facilitated.
  • Privacy policy Describes the collection and usage of user information. However plagiarism was found.
  • Store locator Simply enter your postal code along with the distance in km to find the store closest you. There are hundreds more Supersmile-branded stores.
  • Telephone number:1(800)7847645.
  • DeliveryShipment, and Tracking doesn’t have these policies listed on their site.
  • Returns Clients should contact customer support to receive the instructions for returns. Supersmile Products are eligible for return within 30 days, except where products have been designated as non-returnable.
  • Reviews – Refund Policy You will not receive a refund for the return shipping charges and shipping costs associated with your initial order. Refunds must be requested within 30 days. In order to be eligible for refunds, Supersmile products should be returned in its original condition. doesn’t provide details on the time frame for refunds.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Modal of Payment:Payments will be processed in USD. is not able to inform you about the channels of payment.
  • Owner’s detailsDr Irwin Smigel. Lucia.

Pros of –

  • Register for a new account to get an additional 15%
  • Reviews show its products are free form Silica, Parabens or Sulfates.
  •’s search and sorting options are easy to use.

The Cons of

  • offers no discounted products
  • Supersmile products work to brighten teeth. To treat other issues, you can purchase a set of toothpaste.

Is Legitimate?

  • Creation 30 June 1996 04:00:00 PM
  • expiry:29th of June 2022, 04:00:00.
  • Age: 25 year old, 23 days and 5 months.
  • Trust Index – is a trusted website with a trust rank 86%.
  • Alexa rankings: ranks at 424184 (medium) in Alexa’s ranking.
  • Where is it from? The COO has yet to be identified.
  • Supersmile reviews status of blacklisting:blacklisting platforms did not blacklist
  • Proximity to Suspicious appears to be a trustworthy site, as it received a low 13/100 suspicion score. That is considered good.
  • Connection Security – usesHTTPS to transmit information.
  • Spam score, Threat Profile and Phishing Score: scores a null on this matrix.
  • Contact does not provide a direct contact point.
  • Social Relations: enjoys a large presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with more that 85,998 subscribers.
  • Contact details of the owner: not available.

Customers Supersmile Comments HTML3_ : provides product reviews. Supersmile has many reviews. All reviews are positive and have a rating of at least 4/5 stars. This makes them less reliable. Amazon has rated Supersmile products 5-stars.

YouTube has positive reviews and Facebook gives it a rating of 3.5%. has received more than 3.9/5 stars from online reviews.

Conclusion on

We are confident that you now have the right answer to IsSupersmile Legit. It has a low profile of suspicion, moderate Alexa ranking, positive feedback, and a low number of complaints.