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Do you prefer to be an introvert? Or maybe you are a minimalist and like minimalistic designs. You may find this article of interest if so. Summacc, an United States-based website in California, sells attractive, minimalistic, and pleasing clothing, especially for introverts. Every Vigour cloth comes with a thought printed to express your feelings to others.

To find out more about its quality and legitimacy, please refer to Summacc Comments.

Introduction of the brand

If you are introverted, you may be reluctant to share your thoughts and feelings with other people. Summacc stands for the domain name, and Vigour stands for the brand. The products are both premium and attractive. The company claims it makes products that are especially suitable for introverts. However, they are open to extroverts or ambiverts. There are three main types, including:

  • T-shirt
  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Mugs

Sound Interesting? You should verify the legitimacy of any product purchased from the Website before you purchase it.

Is Summacc Legit? This website uses a different approach to attract buyers. At first glance, it seems that the products are genuine and appealing. But there are scam websites out there that will try to trick you. Be careful when making a purchase from this Website. This article will cover all aspects of the Summacc website.

Here are some important features that the Website offers.

  • Name:Summacc
  • Domain URL
  • The brand name Vigour
  • Email ID[email protected]
  • address:13110 Blue Lick RD. Memphis. IN
  • Phone Number:+1(978) 984-3494)
  • Privacy policy Use cookies and collect personal information. You can also visit the summacc reviewssection for more information.
  • Return policy:Products are eligible for return within 20 days of purchase.
  • Refund policy:Refunds are initiated within 7-10 days.
  • Shipping policy 24-48 days for international shipping and 5-10 business days within the United States
  • Payment methods: Amazon pay, Amex, Apple pay, Discover, Google pay, MasterCard, PayPal, etc., available.


  • All contact information including email ID, telephone number, and address is provided.
  • Secure data is protected by valid HTTPS.
  • These collections are clearly categorized
  • You can change the currency setting


  • Not so popular
  • For any product, there are no customer reviews.
  • Only a few collections

Is Summacc Legit?

Summacc’s website is eye-catching and attractive, but that does not mean that it could be authentic and legitimate. You must satisfy certain legitimacy criteria before the website can be considered legit. has a few important points that you should be aware of before purchasing any product.

  • Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
  • Website registration deadline: The website was created on 14 April 2022.
  • Website expiry: The domain has a limited life-span, with the expiry on 13 April 2023.
  • Trust score This website has only scored 2% on ScamDoc. It is a high-risk site.
  • Customer comments: All products on the summacc Reviews are not reviewed.
  • SocialMedia:Social media handles include Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Data security: This website offers HTTPS connections for data safety.
  • Information about the owner:The Company is owned by Breezy Sharp.
  • Missing Information: All information, with the exception of customer reviews about products, is included and mentioned on this Website.
  • PolicyImportant Terms&Conditions, Shipping Policy. Return Policy.Refund Policy. Privacy Policy.

These factors are essential to establish legitimacy and authenticity of any website. Always verify these points before you make any purchase from an e-store.

Summaryacc Reviews

The Website is attractive and offers no unattainable discounts. Unfortunately, no reviews have been submitted by customers. It is brief that all the information, including the owner’s identity, are mentioned. The trust score is still low, which means that there is high risk of doubting the legitimacy and credibility of the Website. Even though the website is relatively new, it’s difficult to draw conclusions. The website appears unsafe and questionable for buyers. We will also be providing information via this article on creditcard frauds.

Conclusion can be summarized as an online store that sells high-end clothes and unique aesthetics. This Summacc Reviewsarticle outlines all of the key factors and details regarding the Website. Before making any purchase or transaction, you should carefully read and review them. Buyers should be aware that PayPal Scamming can also be applied to them.

This link will provide more information about, its legitimacy.

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