Are you aware that winter is approaching? Do you worry about your skin? Do you want beauty products that will protect your skin from the changing climate? A website that sells all types of skincare products is today’s topic.

It will become a viral website among the United States as well as people looking for Review. We will be analysing its reviews for our readers. For more information, please read the following.

What’s, an online shopping site that sells beauty products, is one of them. The website offers a wide range of beauty products, including -toners, skin creams, essences, sunscreen, hair products, and body products. All products have been lab tested and contain no harmful components. The website claims that its exclusive products are safe to be used, but customers are curious to find out Is Legit.

To get realities-

  • Website URL–
  • Website launched on- 13/01/2014
  • Website lifespan is 13/01/2022
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Telephone number- (+852) 8219-7647
  • Specialized physical adress- Block-B, Block-B. 10/F. International Ind. Building. Building.
  • Delivery policy Depending on the destination, delivery times can vary from 7 to 12 days to 14 to 21 days to 21 days to 21 days to 30 days to 31 days to 30 days.
  • Delivery cost-Based on the shipping strategy, it is $4.99
  • No shipping charges – This program is based on individual shipping and offers free shipping for orders over $9.99 or $3.99.
  • Return Policy – 14-days policy we found.
  • Refund policy: After receiving the inspection report, it will be processed.
  • Social media IDs- Studying ,buyers discovered its well-established promotional webpage on social media that many buyers follow.
  • Return shipping costs- The customer will pay for it.
  • Payment methods– You can use your credit card to pay online for purchases by Visa or MasterCard. –

  • All the body, skin, and beauty products are available at a discount price.
  • We have all the necessary policies to help customers find us on our website.
  • So that customers can contact store executives quickly, they will need a valid number and an official address.

Drawbacks at –

  • It kept the identity of its owner secret.

Is Legit?

The website’s official facts are available to buyers. However, we know that many online shopping sites will soon be open. It is difficult to determine which website is genuine and which one is fake. To verify authenticity, you need to review a few key points on the website. An accurate website analysis will help you avoid any online shopping fraud.

  • Website age: The website was launched on 13/01/2014 and is currently 8 years, 7 months, and 18 days old.
  • Trust Score In reviewing Reviews we discovered that the website has a lower-than-average trust score at 31%.
  • Social media IDs- Scroll down to see all icons for the top social media handlers.
  • We found an official address.
  • Phone number: The website offers several numbers for customers to reach its executive.
  • Percentage Of Pirated Content:100% copy of the content.
  • Irrational discounts-It offers up to 50% off most items
  • Website Owner Name:It hides the name the website holder.
  • Alexa Ranking –On Alexa it has secured the #22175 rank over the past 90-days.
  • Policies- Each page explains all of the important procedures. Reviews-

This website falls under the beauty industry, which offers many beauty products. We did however find a solid social media strategy. We received negative feedback after reviewing it. One client complained about the contact service and said it was not trustworthy. Another client complains that their order has not been processed despite having placed it three months ago.

Do your research before you proceed.


We did an inadept analysis on Review and found that the trust score was not up to par, and that portal services are being criticized by reviews.