The article explains the entire incident student’s death during Crucifixion. Scroll down for the specifics.

A young man from Nigeria was killed when playing the role of Saint Peter. The news was widely reported across several countries including those of United States and the United Kingdom. The student fell over in a reenactment of the crucification by Jesus Christ. At first everyone believed it was a joke. What happened to this incident?

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The incident

A young man of 25 years old, Suel Ambrose, died in a reenactment of Jesus Christ’s execution. On holiday of Easter, Suel played the character of Peter. Suel was acting in a scene where Peter was forced to cut the ears of a soldier in order to rescue Jesus Christ. He fell and lay down.

The crowd thought it was part of a stage show or joke, however they took it seriously when he failed to stand up. In the next moment, Suel was admitted to the hospital and later died. The tragedy occurred at the Clariantian university located in Nigeria, Nekede on the morning of Good Friday, which was on the 15th of April.

Student Dies During Crucifixion

After a couple of times when he fell his audience was able to see the blood and knew that it wasn’t part of his job. Suel was taken to an nearby Federal medical center. The doctor declared him dead and the cause of his death isn’t known at this time. Suel was asked to take part during Easter. The team played part in the Crucifixion by Jesus Christ.

Suel was just 25 and was a student studying Philosophy at Clariantian University of Nigeria. He hoped to become priest. Micheal Eluwa was an eyewitness to the tragedy. He told the story in the press. The photo of student dying during Crucifixion is becoming viral on different websites as well as on social media.

Easter weekend incident

Easter is celebrated across the world. Churches were packed, people decorated eggs, and celebrations were held with music and light. A lot of people had a great time and had fun at the celebration. Over the Holy Week, the tragic incident in a Nigerian university Nigeria stunned everyone.

The student was killed during Good Friday. Suel had a goal of becoming a priest, and was preparing to become one. He suddenly fell unconscious during the performance and lost his life. The cause of his death is not clear as of yet. According to the report of a student who died during Crucifixion ,the only thing that is revealed is that he fell and began bleeding. We will update you with the cause when it is made public.


The article relates an incident that killed a 25 year old boy who was killed in an act of play. The student was Suel Ambrose. His course was psychology and he was in the Nigerian University. Suel played the part of Peter. The actor suddenly fell and collapsed. After a few falls people realized the incident was not incident that was part of an event. Click here for more information on the story of the Crucifixion Jesus.

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