Are you in the market to purchase tools, household appliances, gadgets and other small products from Canada or in the United States, and India? Have you heard that purchases made with credit cards can be quickly returned? Therefore, would you rather using credit cards to purchase online? Are you an international retailer who would like to pay with currencies that are globally accepted? is a site which offers these services. We advise that you look through Storeshop Review in to be sure that it is authentic.

Brief: is more than two decades-old site that offers only 50 items from the categories of Car Care Cleansing, Hardware, Health and Beauty, Kitchenware Storage, and Toys. A few of the items can be found below:

  1. Two Pc Braid Master
  2. Acupressure Massage
  3. Air Compressor Pump
  4. Apple Corer
  5. Apple Peeler
  6. Benson Greetable
  7. Car Accident Report Kit
  8. Cheese Cleaver
  9. Cheese Grater
  10. Nail Care
  11. Corkscrew
  12. Zap Cap
  13. Fertan Rust Converter
  14. Cutting Boards
  15. Furniture Sliders
  16. Golf Game
  17. Grill And Oven Cleaner
  18. Bag Sealer
  19. Jarpop Jar
  20. Metal Can Opener. In addition, we will talk about whether or not Storeshop Legit?
  21. Microfibre Optical Cloth
  22. Hanger
  23. Paper Shredder With Bin
  24. Pastry Cutter
  25. Pinball Game
  26. Pizza Cutter
  27. Potato Chipper
  28. Power Picker Upper
  29. Protege Organizer
  30. Rotary Grater
  31. Sad Lights
  32. Scissors
  33. Snow Brush
  34. Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher
  35. Therm Au Rouge Pocket Warmer
  36. Twenty Four Piece Tool Kit

Further analysis of reveal that it offers products that are also listed on Furthermore, the website’s design, social media hyperlinks as well as the content of are a replica of

However, there was no authorization discovered that would allow to offer products. It isn’t known what the reason is for has two websites.

Features determining Is Storeshop Legit:

  • Buy utilities, tools and toys at:
  • Social Media Link: included to Twitter, Pinterest as well as Instagram but it redirects you to the social media sites of
  • Cost:starts from PS3.66 to PS32.59
  • Physical Address:5A-5B Little Mead Industrial Estate, Cranleigh, Surrey-GU6 8ND, UK.
  • customer reviews and Blogs:not supported by
  • The Terms and Conditions arementioned prominently on
  • Policy on Privacy: It is clearly stated on
  • Contact (or) WhatsApp #:Only the contact phone number can be listed in the form of 1(800)482-5382, 0(800)8456-709.
  • Locator of doesn’t have the ability to locate stores.
  • Assistance and FAQ available on
  • Delivery Policy:unspecified at
  • Shipping Policy:unspecified at
  • Storeshop reviews about Trackingpossible via emailing Customer Support at with the details of your order.
  • Return Policy:unspecified at
  • Return Policy Undefined at
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Modal payment:in US$, GBP EUR, CAD, the Yen, AU$ and Krona through Visa as well as MasterCard only.
  • Newslettersnot accepted by


  • ships all over the world.
  • Trend Micro, an security software company, is a trusted partner of
  • has been in existence for quite a while
  • has an authentic SSL certificate


  • Poor web design logic, as lets users place orders for over 100 billion units of the same item
  • A number of scam websites utilized this same domain registrar as used by
  • Design and layout of the site is poor. in the sense that Storeshop Review Review Sitedid not provide search, sort, or filter options
  • Important guidelines regarding the shipping, delivery, returns and refunds aren’t listed on

Is Legit?

  • Creation: 28th September 1998 at 07:00:00.
  • Updated at: 18.02.2022. 07:00:00.
  • Expiry date: within the next six months and fifteen days starting on the 7 September, 2022.
  • Age: twenty-three years, five months and 12 days.
  • Trust Index: has a Trust Index of 60%.
  • Source of originated in the United States.
  • Connection utilizes a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Situation of blacklisting is not blacklisted.
  • Review of Storeshops in Threat Profiling:a negativity due to a score of 45/100.
  • Person to contact:unspecified at
  • Social Relations: is not visible on social media platforms.
  • Owner’s contact information and details: The identity and contact details of the owner are censored by the services of

Customers Reviews:

Three online reviews suggest that could be safe. One review identified with a high level of suspicion.

The website does not have any product reviews, reviews or customer reviews, or reviews are available on as well as elsewhere online, YouTube and social media. gained Zero Alexa Ranking.

Since is a merchant that accepts Visa along with MasterCard, Be beware of the Credit Card frauds Useto beware of online fraud.


Storeshop Review Review of Storeshopconcludes that may be legit. However, due to the average level of trust as well as a zero Alexa Ranking, and a high suspicion image, the website is recommended only for experienced internet users. Internet users who are regulars should investigate further and think about alternatives before buying.