This article contains all information regarding Wordle 385 challenge, its answers and hints. To clarify confusion surrounding Stear Wordle, read this article.

Nearly all of us have fallen in love with the Wordle craze. Are you a member of the Wordle circle? Are you an avid Wordle player? These challenges can be completed by all ages. They are updated every night at midnight. This game is popular in countries like the United States or Australia.

Let’s learn more about Stear Wortle in the following article. Do you think it is the clue or the answer? Let’s try to figure it out. Stay tuned for more.

What is Wordle 385’s answer?

Are you familiar with today’s Wordle challenge? Did you win the 9 July 2022 challenge Was it hard? We will tell you the correct answer if you don’t know the answer. We will also give you some tips to find the right answer.

We won’t make it difficult for you to wait. The correct answer to Wordle 385 is “STEAD”, and people are misguided with a hint Stear. Stear Definition refers to controlling the movement that is an ‘Obsolete version of steer’.

Wordle 385 hints

Wordle has become a popular game that everyone wants to master. While it’s a very simple game, there are some important points to remember. These steps will help you win the game. These are some Wordle 382 tips.

  • Two vowels are included in the word.
  • The word begins with the letter “S”.
  • Wordle 385 answers are a noun.
  • The answer to this question is STEAR. It is the greatest hint.

All these suggestions will help you find the right answer.

Stear Is a Word?

We can help you answer Wordle 385 if you’re here. These hints can be used to help you guess the answer. It would only take six attempts to find the answer. Concerning the hints: If you think Stear would be the correct answer, then you’re wrong. Wordle 385’s correct answer is STEAD. It was used as a hint to help you find the right answer. This led to people becoming confused and searching on the Internet for Stear Wordle.

About Wordle

You might be interested in learning more about Wordle. We’ll show you how to play the game.

  • The answer is always five letters long.
  • The answers are different for everyone.
  • You can guess the answer six times.
  • If you enter any word to verify its correctness, the colour of the blocks changes.


This article contains some hints and the correct answer to Wordle 385. Stear does not provide the right answer. It is just a hint. With some hands-on games, the challenges are simple. All details are provided in this article. To learn more about the visit the link. This link contains all other information regarding the game.

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