Scam includes details on ID spoofed call used to fraudulent people with shared recent frauds incidents in some nations.

Do you know the details of spoofed callers? The Singapore crime control office has issued an advisory to warn citizens about fraud by spoofed callers. Similar incidents were reported in Canada, the United Star Caller Scam States, as well as the United Kingdom.

These fraudsters use VoIP technology to safeguard their identity and reduce international calls. According to police officials, victims receive a call with the prefix +65 from someone who claims they are an international number.

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Star Call

Vishing is the act by which scammers use phone calls to make fraud claims against people. Phishing covers a wider area than just the fraud of people by using phone calls.

Scammers use caller-Id spoofing to con people into believing they are calling from a different country. VoIP allows scammers use the internet infrastructure to call low-cost numbers without using expensive gadgets.

According to one report fraudsters try to trick victims into giving their personal information to false government officials. Under vishing, a total scam costing $125 million was reported for 2019.

App in Phishing Crime:

Scammers are using the star app as a tool to target victims in India or Germany. The technology is very cheap and conceals the location. This allows scammers to use the call center to execute this crime in a systematic way.

Star app helps you identify fraud types.

  • The most common identity fraud perpetrated by scammers is to pretend to be a government official.
  • They can be identified as customers and seek funds from financial institutions and banks.
  • They can also work as IT support to assist clients with important information.

The star caller App allows cybercriminals to conduct vishing operations in different areas of the world.

Vishing in Singapore:

The Singapore national was advised by the law enforcement agency not to answer spoofed phone calls. According to the police department, the victim was called by an employee of a bank to get details regarding money laundering investigations.

The +65 prefix indicates that this is an international call. They also asked for OTP and other bank details to confirm the account.

Scammers In Singapore Scam by Star Caller:

In the Singapore case the fraud bank official transferred the call over to the Commercial official division for the registration of police complaints. The victim communicated with a fake officer via WhatsApp messaging platform.

The officer needed personal information like photographs and ID cards to register the case. In some cases, fraud victims received a paper stating their crime from a police agency.

Final verdict

Based on internet research this is . A recent case of vishing involved victims being informed that their contact details have changed and funds were withdrawn. The police in the area have stressed that they will not ask for any personal information.

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