Spotify the well-known online music streaming service has released its third edition of the “Wrapped” playlist. It showcases the most popular artists as well as albums and songs listeners enjoyed in the past year.

However, a lot of worldwide users are facing problems when they attempt to view their stories. Some users are encountering errors while using their Wrapped feature. Some users complain that their application has crash when trying to start the Wrapped feature in the application.

However, you don’t need to worry because there are solutions available to fix this Spotify Wrapped error. Continue to read for more information.

The introduction of Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped Spotify Wrapped is the latest playlist service provided by the online music streaming service Spotify. It displays the most popular albums, songs, and artists that users have listened to during the past calendar year. The feature allows users to see tracks, genres, artists album, podcasts, and more on the social media platform.

It is an annual service which displays the listener habits of users as well as their positions among the top ten percent of particular artists. Although it is the most admired platform, it’s been preventing users from all over the world. users from using it, with errors.

What exactly is Spotify wrapped error?

Wrapped Error: Wrapped error message that appears when you attempt to start the Wrapped feature of the application for online music services. A lot of users have had reported encountering an error while launching the feature in the application.

The proprietor of the music service is aware of the issue but it’s not yet certain what’s causing the issue. It’s an issue that will be being released to users over a couple of hours. Some suggest that the error may be related to the device problem, while others believe that a slow internet connection could be at fault for the error. Also, refreshing the application and connecting your device to a high-speed internet may solve the issue.

How can I Fix this Wrapped Error in Spotify?

If you’re who are facing an issue with the Wrapped Error when using Your Spotify application, you don’t need to be concerned there are solutions readily available. Here are some tricks that will aid you in fixing your problem with the Wrapped error and also view an annual Wrapped report easily.

  • If you are unable to launch the Wrapped function, despite closing the Spotify app completely, look for updates. Install the latest version of the app via the App Store and then check to see whether the issue has been fixed.
  • Clear the cache data from the device’s settings menu. Clean the cache and clear the space to determine whether the issue is resolved.
  • In the end, you need to remove Spotify. You must then uninstall Spotify App and reinstall it to correct the issue permanent.


The Spotify Wrapped Error can prevent people from accessing the history of listening within the application. But , users don’t need to be worried as solutions are readily available to assist them in resuming the functionality in their app to view the wrap-up report for the year. Anyone who isn’t aware need to learn things to do when You’re Experiencing Errors to resolve it quickly and then enjoy the benefits.