The guide includes details about a school, as well how a Spingarn student was killed.

Washington D.C. police have reported an incident in which a school student aged 16 was accidentally shot during assembly. Soon after hearing the news, parents in the United Statesand Canada started to search for more information.

According to police reports this incident occurred at school where a small caliber pistol was passed around among the friends.

Adrian Precia is the victim. Continue reading for more information about Spingarn high school student murder.

About Spingarn School

Spingarn High school is an educational institution in Columbia. It was founded by Joel Elias Spingarn who is a well-known American teacher. The school was founded in 1952. At first, it was focused on African Americans.

Before the Board of Education Vs. Brown decision, the school was the last to be established as the segregated school of African American students. The school suffered a decline of enrollment.

The Spingarn High School murder case created chaos amongst parents and the public held the administration responsible.

Spingarn High school closed – Let us know!

Spingarn high school isn’t operational as it was shut down in response to the murder. But, there are other reasons that the school has been abandoned.

After the Spingarn Murder Case, enrollment declined at the school. The school was eventually forced to close due to a low number students.

These are just some of the reasons that the school is closing.

News About Spingarn School Murders

Police reports say that a 16year-old student was shot to death at Spingarn’s school assembly. Why is Spingarn School High School Closing?

Reports indicate that the gun used in the shooting was a small-caliber pistol. Police report that Michael Pratt and friends were seen playing the pistol during assembly.

Adrian died instantly from the bullet after he accidentally shot a bullet with his gun. The victim was still a minor at the time and it’s not clear what punishment the gun accidentally fired. Everyone believed that the Michael and the admin were responsible for the case of murder.

Why the News is Trending

Many people asked about the Spingarn High Schools Student Murdered Case for different reasons.

Michael Pratt is now 18 years of age and is featured in the media. Similar incidents happened in different schools. The Spingarn High Student Murder case is a trending topic. People are surfing the internet for news. Many people have made claims following the incident. Some people claimed the murder happened by accident, while others believed admin and Michael were at fault.

For more details concerning why school was closed, you can go online.


After the murder of Spingarn High School student the school was covered in the news. The school was eventually shut down due to low enrolments.

Columbia’s Spingarn High School holds a high reputation as an educational institution. Unfortunately, the incident that occurred at Spingarn High School led to the school being closed. Many people blamed the administrators and the perpetrator for bringing a firearm to school, inadvertently taking the life of one student.

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