Sonic Exe

Sonic Exe and Mermaid coloring pages: Exploit the highlights of cartoon characters through color.

Coloring pictures have many topics for parents to choose from, but pictures of cartoon characters always have a strange attraction for children. The cartoon world is filled with fascinating characters, each with characteristics that make us fall in love. We fall in love with the characters and treat them like childhood companions. So, in choosing a coloring theme for children, parents can choose their favorite cartoon characters to increase children’s excitement in learning and having fun with coloring pages. Sonic Exe and Mermaid coloring pages may be a suggestion that parents should refer to so that children can be creative with these characters through colors.

Sonic Exe coloring pages: famous characters in the children’s game series that not everyone knows.

Fans of video games must hardly forget Sonic – the super-fast blue Hedgehog associated with generations of gamers. Sonic is an alien super speed creature. Due to events in his homeland, he came to Earth to hide for many years. Sonic did not dare to show up, feeling lonely because there was no one to talk to. Every day, he just watched the activities of the people from afar. In an event, Sonic caused a disaster, prompting the US government to send Dr. Robotnik and the army to search. He gradually guessed the existence of a character with super energy that could be used for evil purposes. Sonic must rely on the honest policeman Tom to find a way to escape. Sonic the Hedgehog is undeniably the start of the “great victory” of the Sega game company on the big screen. The film initially encountered a lot of controversy about Sonic the Hedgehog, but Paramount did not give up. After a while of editing, Sonic the Hedgehog is ready to come to the cinema audience, thereby garnering a perfect result of $ 319.7 million in global revenue. Sonic the Hedgehog is the 6th highest-grossing film worldwide and the highest-grossing superhero film in 2020. In addition, Sonic the Hedgehog also recorded many other remarkable achievements. The opening of a game adaptation is the highest in the United States and Canada and the highest-grossing game adaptation worldwide.

Printable Sonic Exe coloring sheets

Sonic the hedgehog image has grown in popularity worldwide, known to everyone for the famous film and video game. It can say that Sonic images are widely used in life, such as decorated as accessories, teddy bears, or used as images in fashion. Sonic the Hedgehog is a symbol of the gaming village when regular gamers know the origin and power of Sonic. Sonic Exe coloring pages are characters that are no longer strange to most children. This character has become familiar to children through games, cartoons, and comics. However, with Sonic Exe coloring sheets, children will be able to perform a completely new task. Children can freely choose colors and create Sonic with different versions. Unlike images in built-in games and movies, children can create other Sonic pictures that they love. Sonic Exe coloring pages will bring fun to children in the coloring process. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for children to develop their coloring ability and creativity through color.

Mermaid coloring pages: It is meaningful messages that fairy tales want to give to us.

The Little Mermaid has become a symbol of Denmark. It is a famous fairy tale by the Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, about a little mermaid Ariel who wishes to give up her life under the sea and her identity as a mermaid to have a human soul and human prince Eric’s love. Fairy tales of mermaids have been developed with different endings. There is a story that says it is a happy ending, but there is also a story that says that the Prince and the mermaid did not get together after that. No matter how the story ends, fairy tales always bring profound lessons we need to heed in life. Kids may already be familiar with the “happily ever after” completed in Disney’s animated version, but there’s an entirely different ending in the original version of this classic fairy tale. Andersen has instilled many valuable life lessons in The Little Mermaid’s character.

Sometimes good deeds go unrecognized. It can be a lesson that makes us feel unhappy, but encountering such situations is inevitable in today’s life. The fact that the Prince did not realize the Little Mermaid was the one who saved his life, here the author wants to point out the meaning: keep doing good work without needing to be recognized and do good work without self-interest. Because good deeds are not always acknowledged. The mermaid defiantly faced the witch and her evil servants with making her dreams come true, even though those wishes were undoubtedly not the best for her. at that time. The lesson here, the author wants to say, is that children need to face their fears to create their happiness and help them become more vital in life.

Printable Mermaid coloring sheets

Mermaid coloring pages are especially suitable for girls. It is a familiar character and makes a deep impression on children’s hearts. Therefore, children will be excited and look forward to these lovely drawings. The mermaid is special character creation. The picture of mermaids appears in many cartoons and even in fairy tales. The mermaids are not only beautiful and cute but also intelligent, sharp, gentle, and help people. Such perfect character parents should introduce to their children. And by choosing to color the mermaid picture, the children will be able to touch their favorite character. Children would often imagine mermaids in the past, but now, they can create that picture through coloring pages. It is impressive and exciting for children. Children can freely choose colors and color Ariel’s gorgeous dresses and beautiful fishtails; moreover, they will bring an extraordinary sea world. Children’s coloring activities have many developmental benefits that parents need to care about. Concentration is an essential lesson that your child can learn from coloring; they will learn perseverance to complete a job through coloring. Many children discover their talent for painting only through painting simple drawings at children. Moreover, children can relax by painting pictures in various colors. Parents, please choose beautiful Mermaid coloring sheets so that children can unleash their creativity and express their talents.


Each person expresses himself in their way. Moreover, children have a visual instinct. Therefore, coloring is an effective method of self-expression, as children make decisions about the colors, lines, and boundaries of a coloring sheet. Coloring is also relaxing and therapeutic for children, especially if they don’t know any other way to deal with uncomfortable or confusing emotions. Parents need to pay more attention to and support their children in development activities at the early stages of their children’s lives. Parents can refer to their child’s favorite cartoon characters to choose the right coloring pages for them. In addition to Sonic Exe and Mermaid coloring pages, we also have many other attractive characters. Parents can download the coloring pages here: Wish you and your children will have fun coloring moments together!