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Are you curious to learn more about the Somerton case. Let me give you some insight into the matter. Somerton man was the one who was found murdered on Adelaide’s Somerton Beach in December 1948. The deceased was found lying against a beachwall. Since then, police have tried to solve the case but failed. The cause of the case has not been determined.

Derek Abbott is a University Professor from Adelaide, who has been working on the case for over a decade. He has since changed his name to Carl Webb and is originally from Melbourne. He successfully solved the mystery of Somerton Man Mystery Solved by working with the DNA of his hair.

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Colleen Fitzpatrick (a scientist from California) helped Derek solve this case. Both created a tree of their family using a DNA database. Abbott has been able to identify Carl Webb’s maternal side.

Webb was one of six children born in 1905. Bromby Street in South Yarra was his home. He was around 42-43 years old when he died. Carl was an engineer, who made instruments using electronics. He divorced Dorothy, his wife in 1947.

How did the Somerton Man get killed?

Carl died seven decades ago. Some think he committed suicide. Other believe he was an agent of the cold war, and others. Although the dead body was removed from West Terrace cemetery in Adelaide last January, scientists are still unsure about the cause.

The items found in the suitcase were considered suspicious by police. His suitcase contained a pair and sharpened knife, as well as scissors. Police also discovered a piece of clothing that had the name T Keane written on it. Thomson Keane was discovered by Abbott to be Webb’s father-in-law. Somerton Man Cause of Death

The suitcase has a piece made of torn paper with the words “Tamam Shob” written in Persian. The article is part of the Persian poetry book, “The Rubaiyat Omar Khayyam.” The two words mean “its finished.” Others believe he is a cold spies with the paper. While there are many theories on the internet regarding the cause, Abbott says they haven’t seen it.

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