This Softmoc Reviews blog post will inform readers about the product being sold and also verify that the website is legitimate.

Are you interested in buying footwear? Do you want to purchase it from Softmoc is an online ecommerce platform that focuses mainly on shipping footwear to Canada and the United States. Softmoc is a popular website and many people would like to know more.

This Softmoc Reviews blog post will let you know all about Softmoc’s legitimacy, delivery, return policy and return policy. This post should be read in full.

Overview for Softmoc Shop

Softmoc sells footwear products online through an e-commerce site. According to some reports, the website sells a lot of footwear products. You can find footwear for men and women on the website at decent prices. The website has a decent selection of footwear.

  • Crocs
  • Slides for the Summer
  • Sports Shoe
  • Cool sneakers
  • Chelsea boots spring
  • White sneakers

With so many popular products in the market, we want to find out Is Softmoc Legit The shop sells essential foot accessories. But is the website real? Are they offering great deals to customers?

The legitimacy of the website helps the customer make a decision about whether to purchase it. Before you verify the legitimacy of Softmoc, we should first review its features.


  • Buy the stylish shoes, sneakers and cross from the
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-877-763-8662
  • SoftMoc Inc. 1400 Hopkins Street Whitby ON LIN 2C3
  • As Softmoc Reviews shows, the customer isn’t very satisfied with this platform.
  • Return Policy: Any order that qualifies to receive free shipping can be sent back to the website.
  • Delivery cost: $3.99 for orders under $34.99
  • Shipping Policy: Delivery within 1-4 Days for orders over $34.99
  • PayPal, credit/debit card and bank transfer are available as payment methods.

Positive Highlights

  • Email addresses and phone numbers available to reach the website.
  • This platform offers free delivery, making it less costly.
  • Https provides data protection and allows for data transfers without any problems.
  • Mixed customer reviews on both the official site and online platform.

Negative Highlights

  • Although social media accounts of the website were discovered, they do not contain much information

Is Softmoc legit?

Knowing the features of Softmoc the main question that arises is, “Is this website legitimate?” We tried several criteria to verify legitimacy. These include:

  • Date of registration The site was registered on June 3, 1998. This signifies that the website has a long life expectancy and therefore can be trusted.
  • Actual IndexWe checked the trust score at We found that the website has a respectable score of 71%.
  • Registrar The website is 24-years-old and was registered by Network Solutions, LLC.
  • Customer comments: Softmoc Reviews shows mixed reactions by users. This indicates that customer reviews are very legitimate.
  • Social Media This website was discovered on all social media platforms with decent engagement. It indicates that the forum is popular.
  • Data safety The website is protected by HTTPS so that data can be transferred safely and smoothly.
  • Missing Information:The website lists many things. The owner of the platform is the only thing that is missing.
  • Policy All users are asked to verify their return and delivery policies before placing orders.

Softmoc Reviews

You can contact them via email, phone, or mail. The website provides all necessary information. It had mixed customer reviews which indicated that it was genuine. Its popularity on social media shows its popularity, with high engagement and little information. The website proved to be legit.

The website has been highly reviewed by other websites. Buyers are requested to read the precautions against credit card fraud in order to avoid any credit card scamming.


We have discussed Softmoc’s reviews and found that the life expectancy for this website is around 24 years. This makes it appear legit. It also has a high trust score of 71%. We concluded that the website met all the above criteria. The user should also be familiar with the security measures they can take to protect themselves from PayPal scammers. You can find more information on the Chelsea boots by visiting this link.

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