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Events and celebrations allow us to connect with people and play an important function in maintaining the balance of society. Additionally, they are generally planned and planned to celebrate or commemorate the day.

But, in recent times in the United States, the event is geared towards women which is why people are eager to know the facts. Therefore, let’s dive into the official site, Soawfestival com for more information.

About The Event

The information have revealed that the celebration was initiated with Pepsi along with Mary Jane Blige who is a performer and artist, who is working together with Live Nation Urban. The celebration also will support the local music industry and the emerging artists. In addition, it will focus mostly on technology, music health, fashion and health niches to raise awareness among the public.

Additionally, the festival is working with dealers and female entrepreneurs to highlight the talents and value of women. In the coming weeks, we will be talking about the portal in order to learn more about the event.

Illustrating Soawfestival com

When we visited the website and looking through the list of performers, we discovered that a number of well-known stars, such as Chaka Khan Kiana Lede City Girls and many more. They will be performing during the festival. Additionally, our research confirmed that the festival will start on May 6th, 2022 and run until May 8th 2022. This means that it would be a three-day festival. Therefore, let us discuss the events and the dates in the next section.

Plotting Of Shows

When you look through the table, you’ll be able to find out about the events scheduled during the festival. So take note through the post on to find out more.

6th May 2022Buckhead TheaterTabernacle AtlantaMs. Pat, Rubi Rose, etc.,
7th May, 2022The Gathering Spot ATLState Farm ArenaChaka Khan Mary J. Blige etc.
8th May, 2022City WineryLe’Andria Johnson, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, etc.

Detailed Ticket Information

You can purchase tickets to the presale on the official website since it will be auctioned starting on March 8, 2022 10 am ET and onwards. The public sale starts on the 10th of March 2022 at 10 AM ET, and will continue until. Fortunately the presale code “SOAW” is available on

The price of seats is based on the location and availability. On various shows. You can check the site and pick the best option.

How To Book A Seat?

  • You can reserve your slot today by visiting the website.
  • You must then select the date.
  • The website will redirect your to LiveNation and Ticketmaster portal.
  • Then check the seat after reviewing the entire specifics.

What Are Netizens Reactions?

The users on the internet are eager to be a part of the fun. Some internet users have questions about the event.


The article on included the most important information regarding the forthcoming event. In addition, presale tickets are now available on the official website and the regular sale starts at the 10th of March in 2022. If you’re interested in these occasions, you could purchase your tickets accordingly.

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