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Have you had a look at the recent controversy surrounding Will Smith, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett? Do you think Jada betray Will Smith? What was the motive for the cheating?

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About the Cheating Controversy:

If you’ve been following recent Hollywood news, you may have seen The Rad Table Talk Show craze in which Jada Pinkett and Assina Aug were in a conversation. It was during this chat that the American actress Pinkett confessed to having an affair with singer Alsina when she was with Will Smith.

It happened almost four years ago, when Will Smith and Pinkett went through a rough time in their relationship and had plans to get divorced. This was disclosed during a chat.

Will Smith Wife Cheating Facts:

In the live broadcast during the live session, the American Actress opened up about having a relationship with Smith in her relationship with August Alsina. There were many rumors about their relationship following the fact. Alsina said her and Jada were able to spend several of the most memorable and most memorable times of their lives together which was all thanks to Will’s blessing.

They have denied this rumour during the Oscars by stating that they have a mutual love , and they also mentioned that the couple ride and dies together. In addition, they’ve confirmed that they are now together and enjoying their life to the fullest.

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Smiths Wife Will Cheating Clarifications:

Jada stated that she was experiencing an ups and downs in her life. She also had another entanglement with Alsina.

She was suffering and was devastated. She was trying to get a break. However, she realized that she was unable to achieve her happiness that she was searching for outside of her relationship according to her remarks. Then, Pinkett also clarified that August was not connected to an individual who is a homewrecker.

When This Happened?

The declaration of an affair that took place between Jada as well as Pinkett was made public in June 2020, bringing plenty of light to Will Smith Wife Cheating. This was revealed in August, when she promoted the new record and made it clear she was in the top years in her relationship in the company of Jada thanks to Will’s support.

Why is This Controversy at Hype?

If you’re wondering how this 2020 event has suddenly become being talked about in 2022, it’s because of the recent Oscars ceremony. The last time, Chris made a joke about Jada’s hair loss, and Smith was on stage and slapped the host, but remaining friendly.


We have covered all the facts and events that led to the hype being reverted to Smiths wife who was cheating. The night that Oscar was in led to this rumour after Smith was caught guarding her wife from Chris”joke.

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