God has created every detail for our benefit. From birth to death He has written everything and we are not able to alter it, even if we would like. Another woman died in the gym where she was able to keep fit. People are looking to find Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit and the video is becoming popular across countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For all the details about the video this article will assist you. Therefore, please look over this article to find out details about the entire incident.

A short description of the incident

Have you seen the viral video on social media, where the woman was lifting heavy weights on the Smith Machine? If you haven’t watched the video and we’d like to briefly inform you about it. The woman passed away immediately because they were heavy enough for her. To learn more about the whole story, take a look at the information shared below.

Woman Is Smith Machine Squat Video

A brief clip of 1 and 1/2 minutes went popular on various social media sites like Twitter, Reddit website, and numerous others. In the clip one woman was observed doing squats using the Smith Machine. She was doing them with weighty loads that her body was unable to be able to support. It’s heartbreaking to hear about such instances. The woman was a young mother and could be exercising for several years. However, the weather might not go her way and she ended her life right there. She lifted 405 pounds which was far too much.

Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit

The video went famous on March 12 2022. It went viral through Reddit. Reddit website. It reached 1 million views within only a couple of days. The public was shocked by an incident of this magnitude. According to reports, the incident happened in February. But, the incident was documented on the CCTV camera in the gym. In the end the footage was made public and went viral across the world.

What happened to it?

An individual was charged with lifting 405 kilograms using the Smith Machine. When she tried lifting the weight her body was unable to take the load. The barbell fell onto her and she fell to the ground. As per Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit Two men were seen trying to get away from her. They attempted to remove the barbells out of the machine. But, the time was not right as the woman was dead. No one can even think of this kind of incident for an Mexican lady. She’s gone from this world.


We conclude by advising all our clients to remain cautious while exercising. The lady was killed because of her negligence. Her life could be saved if she had not lifted weights that were beyond her capacity.