Do you lack inspiration every time you enter your kitchen? Updates might be in order, but not the expensive sort. 

The kitchen frequently serves as the hub, center, and gathering area of the house. It’s where we prepare food, where we dine, and because home entertaining has evolved to become less formal, it’s frequently where the actual fun happens.

Here are some small updates from Cabinet Set that can upgrade your kitchen style.

  • Exposed Racking

Right now, open shelving is really popular, and for a good reason. By reducing the bulk of upper cabinets, you can open up your compact kitchen and make it appear bigger. 

It also gives you a chance to display some of your special kitchen objects, such as family heirlooms or treasures from flea markets, while keeping it simple to get to the goods you use frequently. “In a small space, you must be extra vigilant about editing the items on those shelves. Stick with one color (you can’t go wrong with white) and pare back to only the essentials,” says Laura Gaskill for Houzz.

  • Use Paint or Wallpaper on the Cabinets’ Interiors

Even though not all of your guests will be able to see it, painting the interior of your cupboards a cheery hue might lift your spirits the next time you reach for a dish. 

It’s a cute addition that will motivate you to maintain your shelves’ aesthetic appeal and organization. Even removing the cabinet doors to create an open shelf and display it could be an option.

  • Refresh Hardware

New, elegant kitchen hardware can make a big difference! The finish of your equipment, whether it’s your faucet, cabinet pulls, or doorknobs, is crucial to complete the appearance of your space. Take the matching approach, or you can take a risk by fusing different metals.

  • Change the Lights

Your lighting fixtures have a significant influence on the appearance of your kitchen, much like the hardware. Give your present lighting arrangement a thorough inspection. Is the lighting antiquated and inefficient? Does it fit the room’s design? Or does it even offer enough lighting for those chilly or late-night winter evenings when you’re preparing dinner? 

Look for designs that fit both your demands and the aesthetic of your kitchen. If purchasing new lighting is not a top priority, make sure to thoroughly clean your existing fixtures to get rid of any dust you may have missed.

Aoife Valentine Secor of House and Home advises to “Invest in LED bulbs for the ‘big lights’ which will give you natural-looking, super bright lights, and some under-cabinet lighting for those harder to reach areas.”

  • Buy Accessories

When it comes to giving your room individuality, fun accessories may go a long way. Add some artwork over the sink or a colorful tea towel to dress up your stove. Accessories have always been an inexpensive method to update the kitchen style.

  • Rugs

The kitchen is fast adopting patterned carpets like those you frequently find in the living room or dining area. It’s a great technique to make the room cozier and more visually appealing.

  • Add Color to Your Fridge

Consider using this well-known DIY trick when buying a brand-new refrigerator is out of your price range. You may achieve the appearance you want without spending a fortune on an update by using painted refrigerators. Several techniques for creating the desired appearance may be found on Pinterest with a quick search.

  • Arrange Items per Preference

Even if it sounds trite, you should consider how you utilize your kitchen. Do you use all of the gadgets that are on your counters? Clean them up if the response is no. What kitchen utensils do you use the most? Keep them accessible rather than tucked away with items you only use sometimes. Don’t conceal them away. 

Can you place some of the countertop clutter, such as the spice rack and kitchen roll holder, on the wall? The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the typical three work locations in a kitchen. 

The kitchen work triangle is defined through the distance between any two points that must be two steps. Some modifications like moving the oven or just rearranging your counters could ease your cooking sessions and update your kitchen style. 

  • Choose Your Finish

A brand-new piece of hardware is the easiest update that doesn’t need any specialized knowledge or equipment (often just a screwdriver). Why not try out current finishes like gold or copper while you’re updating? If you’re not nearly so bold, stainless bar pulls are a good alternative.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few small changes, you can give your kitchen a refresh and make it look as good as new. Try the tips above and see which one fits your needs and budget the most.