Are you a Panera fan? Have you had the opportunity to avail Panera’s Unlimited Club benefits? Are these benefits available for Lemonades and other drinks? Panera has recently introduced a new program for customers that is drawing the attention of tourists who are from United Kingdom, the United States and other regions.

Continue reading this article to the very end to learn more details about the Sip Club Unlimitedbenefits by exploring the list of drinks and beverages that are part of the package.

Unlimited Sip Club Benefits:

Panera recently announced its new subscription service , where its customers can obtain unlimited new subscriptions for drinks. In the newly-launched subscription service, all a customer has to pay is the flat monthly cost or $10.99 and they will get the entire amount of drinks they require throughout the month, at no cost.

It was in some way related with their coffee unlimited subscription program which gives users the choice to drink unlimited tea-related and coffee drinks all for free throughout the month for just $10 one month.

Information concerning Sip Club Unlimited: Sip Club Unlimited :

After we have discussed the benefits of members of the group, we’ll examine the particulars of the plan in order to understand how it functions and what users have to do in order to benefit from the same.

This program is thus applicable for more than 26 varieties of self-serve beverage options including hot tea, iced tea, fountains with cola-Pepsi and numerous other. Members who have signed up for My Panera loyalty program are eligible to sign up for it. My Panera loyalty program are eligible to join the identical.

Users are also given the opportunity to test this reward program or service free until July 4, when they finish the registration process between the 19th April until the 6th of May.

Sip Club Unlimited Similarity:

As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts the plan is like and influenced by the MyPanera+Coffee subscription plan that allows customers and customers the chance to receive free coffee up to three months from their date of subscription.

The promotion was released just two years after the service was originally planned to launch. Panera also launched its sip in style campaign featuring T-Pain, a rapper, where one of its customers will be given a an opportunity to be the winner of an gold drinking cup.

New Lemonades for the Subscription Plan:

In addition to the details of Sip Club Unlimited ,the bakery chain has also introduced a number of new drinks to their menu, which fall to the category of lemonades that are charged. For all customers who aren’t coffee lover, you could take a taste of these lemonades in order to offset the 20-ounces dark-roasted coffee.

New Lemonades Added to the List:

Charred Lemonades Tea, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea and Lemonade Fountain Soda, the drip of hot tea and Iced Coffee.

Final Verdict:

For all Panera lovers who are waiting for latest subscriptions, the chain of bakeries is offering a different offer to non-coffee-lovers of all kinds. Sip Club Unlimited Sip Club Unlimited offers customers several options of lemonades charged and drinks to give them an increase in their consumption for only $10.99 per month.