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Fans of anime gaming and other enthusiasts across around the United StatesFrance and other regions of the world are thrilled to find out about the highly talked about gaming character. The design and appearance of the gaming character is also an important role in the popularity. Find out all the details Sinnoh the Pokedex number 114.

About Sinnoh Pokedex

The Pokemon creators introduced Sinnoh Pokedex in its fourth generation of the Pokemon series. It contains the characters of 151 that are available in the Diamond and Pearl edition. There were 210 characters in The Platinum Edition.

Also, there was a specific class of Brilliant Diamond along with Shining Pearl that consisted of 150 Pokemon characters. This special edition was launched by introduction of Turtwig, the main character Turtwig and was followed by another character named Manaphy. The characters from the gaming world received huge approval from the gaming online community, which encouraged designers to create new Pokemon Generations with exciting new characters.

Sinnoh Pokedex 114

  • The 114th Sinnoh Pokedex comes under the fourth generation of the famous Pokemon series.
  • The 114th Sinnoh character is known as Unown. The character has one eye that is big and two legs. There is also one arm and one ears.
  • Unown was created and designed by Ken Sugimori on 1st October 2012.
  • Unown’s uniqueness Unown can be found in the fact that it does not employ a one voice actor who can represent its voice. Multiple voice artists provide voice to Unown.
  • Unown is comprised of twenty-eight distinct forms. Each of them has a close resemblance to the original.

Gaming Stats of Unown

  • According to official data on gaming, Sinnoh Pokedex 114 is equipped with 48 HP.
  • The attack number is 72.
  • The defense score has a value of 48. This is lower than others Pokemon characters.
  • Unown is a particular attack score of 72.
  • The defense point that is special is 48.
  • Unown is a game that has a speed limit of Unown is restricted by 48 point.
  • With all the factors that were mentioned earlier, Unown has 336 points for the total.

Locations of Unown

  • Within Crystal, Gold, and Silver variants, Unown is found inside the region that is Ruins within the Alph region. Alph.
  • The Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire versions, Unown is located in the Trade area. Read on Sinnoh Pokedex 114.
  • It is available in LeafGreen in both FireRed versions, it can be located inside Tanoby Chambers. Tanoby Chambers.
  • Then, in Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl variants, it can be located in Solaceon Ruins.
  • Trade also offers an inhabitable area for Unown in the X and Y versions, Black and white versions.
  • Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon variations also support the presence of Unown. This is referred to as Transfer.


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