Jamming to your favorite songs and your AirPods fall off? Quite disappointing, right? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid this problem. Positioning your Airpods correctly helps you to hold them in place. Protecting your AirPods is also a task. Hence get cute AirPods cases for keeping them intact.

Let us know how to keep AirPods in place:

First Method: Twisting the AirPods:

Do as mentioned below-

Cleaning speakers with a soft damp cloth: Take a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, and wet it with clean, cool water. Wipe away any dirt, oil, or residue from the speaker ports. Clean the holes with an old toothbrush. 

AirPods that adhere to your ears need this process. Remember to use a damp cloth, not a wet cloth. If water gets in the Airpods it might damage the product.

Press the AirPods in the ear canal: Gently press the earpods into the ear canal. The stem of the AirPods should point down aligned with your head. 

Do not press AirPods tightly.

Rotate AirPods till it fixes well: Take AirPods and twist them in an upward direction. You will hear the click sound and this is where your work is done. 

Tape the AirPods: Pick Water Proof Tape: Use waterproof tape so that the nonsticky side sticks nicely and does not slide off. Pick good quality tape from a nearby departmental store. Do not use duct tape, it will damage your skin.

Use a Punch Hole: Punch a slot of waterproof tape and set them aside. Remove the sticky residue.

Place one above and below: Attach two circles to the AirPods. One above and one down where it makes contact with the skin. 

Attaching AirPods Accessories:

Fit cover for extra stability: Use covers designed for AirPods. It snugs and ensures AirPods fit well. Fit AirPods and slip the hooks. 

It will not fall out once you pick the right size accessory.

Fix silicone ear tips to seal your ear: Use silicone ear tips and fit them in speaker ports. You can buy silicone tips from offline or online stores. Sometimes you get great affordable items from small business stores.

Slip foam AirPod covers: Take anti-slipping foam earphone covers and put them on the AirPods portion. It improves the bass quality.

Why do AirPods fall out?

Apple has the best technology and innovative members who never disappoints you with style and comfort. They are known for their gadgets in the world. It is why AirPods or AirPods Pro is so popular. 

Despite that AirPods fall out and let us know why it happens:

Wrong fit:

Incorrect size and fit is the main reason why AirPods fall. However, AirPods Pro is famous for its best fit. Apple too claims that 90% of consumers avail great fit with their product.

Still, there are 10% of people struggling. Just 10% is a big number. Every person’s ear shape and size are unique. 

Silicone Tips Size:

Apple recognizes this issue and came up with a better solution. The standard Airpods have plastic and nonreplaceable tips. The AirPods Pro features silicone tips.

Silicone tips to an extent solve this issue of falling out. It comes in three different sizes too. However, some people feel it accumulates dirt. Some didn’t like the idea of silicone tips. Well, many are happy. We hope Apple makes other people happy too.

Physical Hit:

External forces make AirPods fall. If anyone hit you, your earbuds come off. Do not wear clothes while putting on earbuds. Tangling hairs dislodges AirPods.

How to wear AirPods Pro correctly?

Flip the silicone tip, and do a size check: Before buying an AirPod always see you get the right size silicone tip. Buying an incorrect tip isn’t useful.

Alignment: You hear a click while rotating the AirPods. Once sizing and the back vent align.

Press and Tuck: Rotate in the wedge motion and fit in the ear.

Run a test: Get a fitting test. Do the needful:

Settings> Bluetooth. Click on the best ear tip fittest.


We recommend you buy third-party mobile accessories. As mentioned above many small businesses provide quality products at affordable prices. Just keep your work simple and get products from third-party stores. It is easy. You get what you want. 

Also, there is no need to visit the store. You get abundant options in Google these days. Pick what fits you the best and get going.