You may be wondering why Sid Wilson is in the news. Sid Wilson, an actor and composer, has been in the news for his talents and skills. After Kelly Osbourne, his girlfriend, announced her pregnancy via social media, it was a storm on the internet.

This news is now trending worldwide in the United States and Canada. This article will provide more information about Sid Wilson’s Net Worth 2022 .

Who’s Sid Wilson?

Sid Wilson is well-known for his acting and composition skills. He is also a member of Slipknot, where he acts as the turntablist. He has also released numerous albums that were instant hits with the public.

Kelly announced her pregnancy via Instagram. The internet has been flooded with information about Sid Wilson’s net worth of $10 million. We will give you a deeper look at DJ Sid Wilson as well as explain why he is so popular.

Why is Sid Wilson mentioned in the news?

  • According to sources, Kelly Osbourne is currently seeing Sid Wilson, a composer and actor. In this, she confirmed that she was pregnant and shared her news via Instagram on May 12, 2022.
  • According to reports, Sid didn’t share any announcements or posts about becoming a dad on his social media accounts. Fans are eager to learn more about Sid Wilson’s life and career.
  • Kelly did not mention Sid’s name in her announcement that she was pregnant with her first child.

Sid Wilson Net Worth 2022

Sid was born January 1977 in Des Moines (Iowa). He is an actor and a turntablist in the Slipknot band. He is known as DJ Starscream, his stage name.

He has also released numerous albums, including Abunaii sounds, Takatu On Your Atarna and Full Metal Scratch -It. Aside from photos shared online, there is not much information on when Kelly and Sid began dating. Sources indicate that Sid Wilson age was 45 years old and was born in 1977.

Kelly was thrilled about her pregnancy, which she had kept secret for a while. Kelly announced the news via Instagram on 12 May 2022.

Final Conclusion

Sid Wilson does not post any updates on his social media accounts, but Kelly’s announcement has made Kelly a trending topic on the internet. Kelly has not even mentioned her delivery date, i.e. When they are expecting their first child.

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