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Are you rescuing legitimate sources in order to see Shopenzer.com’s reality? You may be wondering whether Shopenzer.com can be trusted to make safe purchases. Many online stores are constantly being created, all claiming to provide the best user experience.

Unfortunately, many scams have been launched to take money from various buyers, such the United States. Therefore, it is important that they are protected by a summary list of shopping portals. This article will present the Shopenzer.com reviews that are associated with Shopenzer.com.

Brief Of Shopenzer.com

Shopenzer claims to be a reliable company that offers innovative products for making life easier and more exciting. We noticed that the portal’s About Us section focuses mainly upon innovation and technology.

We were also impressed by the About Us section that stated that their team works hard in order to provide the most innovative products for their customers. We found that the site sold products for fitness, beauty, and car. Let’s continue our research to the next section. We will discuss more facts about this site.

Scrutinizing Specifications to Discover Shopenzer.com Is Legit

  • The survey highlighted https://www.shopenzer.com as the official website.
  • We filtered the email address as [email protected] from the portal.
  • The registered store address for Delaware is 2093 Philadelphia Pike #5002 Claymont 19703.
  • The website has a very limited return policy of 3 days.
  • We noticed that PayPal, VISA or American Express are all accepted on this site.
  • You will receive an email notification from the portal when your refund request has been approved or declined.
  • This site lists gadgets for beauty, cooking, and health.
  • The shopper will be able to purchase a brand new item after returning the previous one.
  • The Shopenzer.com investigation found the portal’s registration dates to be 17-08-202020. This demonstrates that it has been registered for 2 years, 9 days.
  • We found out that there are social network connections through this portal.
  • Shopenzer.com claims that orders will be shipped in between 8 and 35 days.
  • According to our survey, the number for this phone number is +1 507-551-5002.
  • The website states that the maximum delivery time for orders is 50 working days.
  • Shopenzer.com provides updates to shoppers via the newsletter option.

Benefits –

  • There is an option to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Trustpilot had many different opinions.
  • Shopenzer.com allows you to leave reviews.
  • Our Shopenzer.com survey pointed out the store’s location and contact details.
  • The site contains the icons for social media.


  • Many positive reviews could be a sign of suspicion.

Is Shopenzer.com Trustworthy?

  • Alexa Rank – This research showed that the website had a 128901 Alexa Rank.
  • Website End Date Our investigation found that the portal remains functional up to 17-08-2023.
  • Customers’ Views Shopenzer.com has received a Trustpilot rating score of 3.8 stars. We also discovered Facebook reviews while conducting research. Furthermore, Shopenzer.com reviews could be found from another platform.
  • Copied Content The website contained many duplicated data, including policies.
  • Trust score– When we looked at the portal’s Trust score, we discovered that 60% of users are satisfied with it.
  • Social Connections– The investigation discovered that social icons were actively using the internet, which is very good.
  • Unrealistic Prices– We noticed a small cost to the items, which could have been a lure to the buyer.
  • Trust Score– Shopenzer.com keeps track of 86.4/100
  • Bulk Purchase Feature The portal allows buyers the option to select this option.
  • Address Detail Few websites have provided the same address information as this website, making it a problem.
  • Domain Name Shopenzer.com was founded on 17/08/2019, which means that it has been around for 2 years and 9 months.

Genuine Buyers’ Shopenzer.com Reviews

Shopenzer.com has a Trustpilot rating of 3.8/5 stars based on 117 reviews. Trustpilot received mixed reviews. One review platform also commented on our site, with both positive and negative comments. Shopenzer.com was also rated only 1 star by another website, indicating that Shopenzer.com is still having problems with getting orders.

Shopenzer.com was also rated by 14 users on Facebook, with mixed reviews. Learn the key hints and tricks of PayPal here.

Concluding Thoughts

Shopenzer.com is a website that we have reviewed Shopenzer.com Comments strings. Be careful with sensitive information. Check out the page on Facebook