This Review will provide information about the legitimacy of this website.

The popularity of the online shop has made it a hot topic. Some of you might have been to the store, or even know what shop we are referring to. This post will help you identify the shop that we are referring to. offers an ecommerce shop for everyone, and it ships products to the United States.

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It’s an online store that sells clothes, exercise tools and other health-related products. Smart and Healthy Living is the main focus of their website. Check out their useful products if you are looking to purchase something from them.

  • Wireless Heating Pad
  • Waist Massage Lumbar
  • Protector for Neck and Back
  • Shoulder Neck and Back Massager

Additionally, we will inform readers about the reliability and legitimacy of this website. Online scamming is on the rise, so shoppers should always be vigilant.

Is legit. offers innovative products that are related to fashion, health, and housing. Shoppers should verify that the shop and any other online shops they shop at are legitimate before placing orders for these products. This will protect them from fraud. Shoppers can check the legitimacy of the website via our post, official site, and other online and offline sources.

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Features by

  • Buy innovative health tools and clothes from
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Address Details: Address: 279 Boone Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516, United States
  • We couldn’t find any reviews about either on the website or from other sources.
  • Shipping Policy: You can get free shipping within Canada and the US. Transit time is between 5-8 days.
  • Return Policy  Buyers may request a full refund within 30 days after they have made the purchase.
  • Payment Policy: PayPal Shop Pay, Visa

Positive Highlights

  • Official websites provide email addresses and office addresses.
  • Free shipping for all products

Negative Highlights

  • No reviews are currently available.

Is Legit

In today’s online world, legitimacy is only a minor factor. Online security is a top concern. Shoppers need to ensure that the website they are shopping on has legitimacy and reliability. The legitimacy of websites is determined by a few key factors. After reviewing these factors, you should shop on the website. We’ve listed some of the key features below when talking about You can read these details, then visit this website.

  • Website registration – This website is 1 month old and was created on June 27, 2022.
  • Trust score This trust score is only one percent, which can be considered a very low trust factor.
  • Buyer’s Review Reviewswere unavailable both online and on
  • Registrar is it registered through NameCheap, Inc.
  • Social media sites: This shop is not on social media.
  • Data Security – can be protected using the HTTPS protocol
  • Incorrect information. The website mentions the office address and email address.
  • Customer Policy: This website outlines the refund and shipping policy.

Once our readers have read all of the reliable factors, we will tell you if this site is trustworthy. We also explain whether you can shop here. Review has a large selection of products. We did not find any reviews or social media platforms. Their contact information like email addresses, numbers, and telephone numbers are listed on their website.

You might consider this before you make any purchase, as the website appears suspicious.

Also, we recommend that our readers take caution when they shop online to avoid falling for Fraudulent Credit card . These are the most important measures.

Final Summary

This concludes our review. We urge you to continue reading Reviews. Poor trust and a short life expectancy are two red flags that indicate this website is unsafe.

The Payment Scamming section will provide information for readers. How to Get a Refund

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