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You can read this article to learn more about the Sharswood Planation Miller . But before you do, let’s discover who Fred miller and his relationship to this trending news.

Fred Miller, his link to Sharswood and

Fred Miller, a 56-year old man, is a Air Force veteran by profession. Because he grew up in Virginia, he was eager to find a property within his home state of Virginia because of the frequent family gatherings. Fred currently lives in California as a lawyer and would be willing to purchase a property there. Unknowingly, he bought his ancestral property, “The Sharswood plantation”, finally. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Sharswood Miller ?

The Sharswood was the name given to Fred Miller’s house or property. While walking alongside her mother along the road, Karen Dixon- Rexroth, his sister, first saw the property. She saw the sale board, and she informed her brother about it.

His sister and her cousins began to research the large white house after he bought it. It was discovered that the house belonged during the Civil War to Nathaniel Crenshaw Miller and Edwin Miller. It was 2000 acres of Plantation land at the time.

The 60 minutes Show

The Sharswood Planation Millernews went viral during the 60-minutes-long show. After discussing the story on the 60 minute show, the whole story about Fred buying his ancestral property was made viral. Fred grew up in the shadow of this white-coloured, green-roofed home. While going to school, Fred and his cousins were always present at the house.

His sisters did extensive research on Sharswood after he bought the property. The property belonged to Sarah Miller, Fred’s great-grandmother, Karen, Fred and Dexter, Fred’s cousin’s brother. Continue reading to learn more about Sharswood Planation Miller news.

Learn more about Miller’s ancestor

Sarah Miller died in 1949 at the age of 81. Her parents were violet Miller and David Miller. They were enslaved by the Sharswood. The plantation property was therefore connected to the entire Miller Family. Fred was able to use the property, which is approximately 10.5 acres in size, for family gatherings and as an ancestral property. It cost $225,000. He unknowingly purchased the entire ancestral property. This was quite a surprise for Fred and his cousins.


We hope that the news about Sharswood Plantation Miller was exciting for readers. For the family, the whole story of purchasing the ancestral property of its owner was very surprising.