Do you like the survival-based game Fortnite? Are you seeking the most recent outpost locations for Fortnite’s latest Chapter 3 Season 1. If so, then follow this post.

Epic Games has released some new outposts for season 1 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. Seven outposts have been added in the game and players from all over the world, particularly those in both the United States and the United Kingdom, would like to know more. In this article we’ll discuss the seven Fortnite Outposts..

What is these Seven Outposts?

Within Fortnite: Battle Royale, the Seven Outposts are a group of seven locations dispersed throughout the game. The new season 1 Chapter 3 of Chapter 3 includes the seven landmarks.

Seven outposts can be situated in a very similar manner similar to the outposts from Season 7 of the Expedition located on each other on the Athena island and were taken away along with the remainder of the Athena island during the Season X End event.

There are two cottages that are identical to Sanctuary’s designs within The Seven Outpost. Two Seven Sentries guard the outpost. Two Seven Sentries keep an eye on both huts. Sentries are henchmen who play the game.

Every seven Fortnite Outpost can be supported by three Rifts and the game mechanics of which were introduced in season 4.

There is a vault for players to find within the large huts. It is home to three seven supply chests that you can use to acquire weapons of various types as well as an Porta-Potty which is the hidden-out game mechanic that can teleport players when they enter.

In the moment as of now, at present, Seven Outpost is currently unavailable for Solos Fortnite Battle Royale game mode. The tutorial takes 2 to four players to unlock, and it all depend on what playlist you choose.

However, you can get around these situations by getting an rooster along or attempting to knock down Seven Sentry.

Seven Fortnite Outpost Location

Outposts of seven are completely dispersed. Therefore, we’ve provided specific locations for each outpost to our readers in our table below:

  • Seven Outpost 1 This first post is situated on the southwest of the location referred to as Greasy Grove Greasy Grove, which can be located on the southwest end of the Battle Royal Map.
  • 7 Outpost II This second Outpost situated in the northwest region of Logjam Lumberyard, northwest of Artemis island.
  • 7 Outpost IIIThe third is located near the northeast in The Daily Bugle, which is situated in the crater of the volcano.
  • Seven Outpost IVThe fourth Outpost from seven outposts. Seven Fortnite Outpost is situated to the south of Condo Canyon, the spiritual successor to the legendary Paradise palms.
  • Seven Outpost V Fifth Outpost situated in the northeast in Camp Cuddle, which is located in the extreme east.
  • Seven Outpost VIThe sixth is located somewhere to the lake’s south near the small mine with a lot of homes within it, known as The Shifty Shafts.
  • Seven Outpost VIISeven Outpost VII – The seventh and the last outpost located on the southern side of the island, close to the coast to the East of Artemis.


The players will find a variety of weapons and unexpected items in these seven outposts. We hope this guide has been useful to the players.