Despite the war, life in Ukraine is continuing in all its aspects. Education is not an exception. This summer, many educational projects, and initiatives were launched. The leading ones are those connected to technology, and AI House, STEM is FEM, and SET University are among them. The co-founder of mentioned projects, Sergey Tokarev, spoke about them in detail.

AI House in Ukraine

AI House is an initiative to build Ukraine’s artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML) community. It showed up as a part of the Roosh company. Acccordingly, AI House has launched a new project where participants can learn more about compressing models for deep learning, AutoML, evaluating machine learning models and their diagnostic value, etc.

The project is unique because the world-known AI and ML professionals are invited to conduct lectures and workshops. Among them are Yoshua Bengio (Mila/U. Montreal), Alex Smola (Amazon Web), Sébastien Bubeck (Microsoft), and Gaël Varoquaux (INRIA).

Sergey Tokarev believes that Ukraine is rich in tech-talented people who haven’t revealed their skills and ability in IT yet. That is why this project is aimed at creating unique conditions to develop tech talents.

Also, to participate in this project, one needs to donate an amount of more than $1 or UAH 10. This is a charity performance addressed to support the defenders of Ukraine. The organizers transfer all funds to the charity fund Come Back Alive.

Cyber ​​Security by SET University

SET University was founded by Sergey Tokarev, together with the Kyiv School of Economics, in 2021. This is a technological university, discovering great opportunities to master digital security, gadget and social network security, and cyberbullying. This trend is specifically helpful during wartime.

In August, SET University launched a new project, SET Bootcamp ― a three-week educational project for startups that create innovative solutions and products focused on contributing to Ukraine’s economic development and recovery. 

In September, 2022, SET University is ready to accept its first students to study.

STEM is FEM ― specifically for girls

STEM is FEM is an initiative that has launched free online IT courses for girls aged 12 to 16, together with the Swiss educational organization Empowerment Lab supported by Oracle. Female participants can learn ML, application prototyping, and developing data-driven web applications.

The project’s objective is to hold ten courses within two months. Thus, they plan to educate about 150 girls.

As Sergey Tokarev adds, these courses will help girls to get both soft skills and hard skills for a further IT career that still lacks female specialists. With this project, organizers are willing to not only teach girls programming but also to draw their attention to technical specialties to motivate them to a tech career.

Sergey Tokarev is the founder of STEM is FEM and Founding Partner at Roosh.