The Sellia Crystal Ring is a symbol of exploration and extravagant play that has received recognition Worldwide.

You will need to open the chest in order to reach this location quickly. This will allow you to be enveloped in smoke, and then transport you into the mine.

The Sellia crystal tunnel ringloot is a map that can be used to create a secure and ultimate map. It also contains information about items, upgrades, magic and other equipment. We have concluded that the reader has the right to use the main entrance.

Loot and The Drops item

  • Cracked Crystal
  • Loot and Item Drops
  • 5 Golden Rune
  • Cracked crystal
  • Cuckoo Flintstone
  • 5 Smithing Stones
  • Rock Blaster
  • Gravity Stone Fan
  • 4 Sombersmithing Stones
  • Dragon Wound Grease
  • Golden Rune (4)
  • Rot Grease
  • Gravity Stone Chunk

The Legitimate Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel Map

  • These are the steps to help you get out of the Elden Ring game.
  • You can move right from the spawned building and then fly down the stairs.
  • Make a left, and let the water run down.
  • You can’t help but feel the grace.
  • After exploring the cave, you can teleport back.
  • If you have to return to your bike inside, the interactive map can be used for your guidance.


  • 5 Smithing Stones
  • Somber Smithing Stone ((5)
  • 7 Smithing Fallingstar Beast Drop Stone
  • Somber Smithing Stone ((6)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (4)
  • These unique keys and ashes are
  • (Fallingstar Beast Drop)
  • (1) Bell Bearing Somberstone Miner’s (1)

Sellia crystal Tunnel Ring Magic and equipment

  • Rock Blaster
  • Dragonwound Grease
  • Rune Arc
  • Faithful Canvas Talisman


  • Here are some tips to help you out with your caelid extension and location.
  • This place can be reached quickly by unlocking the chest within the ruins Dragon-burnt.
  • This will make you smokey and transport you to the mine.
  • Be aware of the potential enemies in your life. They may be hard on you.

WALKTHROUGH main dungeon

This section assumes that you have already reached the dungeon by playing the Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel ,

  • Continue north from the Site Of Grace. To reach the cavern, climb up the ladder.
  • There may be many people who are interested in mining and digging for crystals.
  • These enemies may be weakened by magic and piercing attack against you.
  • They are immune to all types of attacks.
  • Head towards the right slope to ascend upwards.
  • Be aware of the prawn miners on your route.
  • After reaching the top, you’ll find a shed with storage to your left.


The Sellia is home to greedy and aggressive insectoids that frequent the crystal mining operation. The location of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring is located in the Elden Ring. It can be found in and around Caelid. This chest can be found in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

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