The cloud computing sphere is increasingly growing saturated with more and more IT professionals moving into it. This is even more so because many businesses and organizations have continued to realize the importance of deploying cloud resources as a means of safekeeping their data, files, and other important stuff, and as such, recruiters are on the lookout for qualified and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate in the field. So, as you can agree, it simply behooves you to get the right certification today, and in that case, it can’t be any other one than the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation!

What about AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

Simply, the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an entry-level qualification that is designed to validate you as a dependable specialist in the field of cloud computing. As such, by earning the concerned validation, you get proven as one who can effortlessly handle relevant cloud-related tasks, precisely on the reputable AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, thus opening many fulfilling doors for you. Note, however, that you can’t gain this certification without passing a particular test known as the CLF-C01, which will cover various topics and subtopics, and will also involve a total of 65 multiple-choice or multiple-response questions to be successfully completed in 90 minutes. Pay attention also, that this test comes with a registration fee of $100, and is available in such languages as English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Simplified Chinese, among the rest.

Are There Official Recommendations Regarding This CLF-C01 Exam?

Yes, there are certain officially recommended knowledge, experience, and/or skill levels that you have to take note of before attempting the concerned Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. These recommendations, which you can easily find on the official AWS website, are simply there to help you ease your understanding during training, as well as your success during the final evaluation; so don’t you toy with them! Below are what you’re expected to do before attempting the official exam, in particular:

  • Have at best half a year of exposure to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner;
  • Possessfundamentalgrasp of IT services and make use of them in the AWS Cloud platform;
  • Have a solid knowledge of basic AWS services as well as use cases, models for billing alongside pricing, concepts for security, and the way the cloud can influence your business.

How Do You Obtain AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner without Difficulty?

Of course, you don’t want to keep taking the certification test attached to earning the concerned certificate again and again. Therefore, you need to understand the right things to do for you to pass it at one go, and this simply involves:

  • Going for as much relevant and reliable training as possible (tutor-led, self-taught, etc.)
  • Making smart use of the varied prep resources available on the official website (e.g. exam guides, whitepapers, FAQs, and the like.)
  • Taking advantage of reliable third-party prep tools.A typical example here is dumps which normally involve real questions from past certification AWS Certified.


To sum up, as you yourself can realize, if you truly want to pass the CLF-C01 well at once, it is quite important that you study and train with more than one preparation material — both paid and free. Indeed, doing this will only help you ensure to leave no stone unturned! And you definitely don’t want to miss out on the great opportunities that come with having this Amazon AWSCertified Cloud Practitioner qualification, do you?