Are you fed up with your busy schedule? Do you enjoy doing fun things in your spare moments? A few of these activities can be used to pass the time. You might also find it appealing to children. Many viewers Worldwide often search the Internet for fun and unusual activities. While some of these are quite sensible, others will make you laugh and/or inspire you to do something different. Let’s take a look at Scrolling Time Waster by reading the post.

What is Patorjk’s scrolling time waster,

Patorjk is an internet platform that allows users to enjoy a wide range of activities while earning some useful points. Patorjk has introduced the Scrolling Time Waster webpage. It features text that changes in colour, shapes and moves differently as you scroll.

Scroll down to the end of the webpage and look for a blank area. Enter any text and click on the Again! Again! Say! tab. In Scroll text time waster scrolling you can see your entered text changing colours, sizes and design. It’s a fun activity for internet users who enjoy having fun.

Is Patorjk an a trusted platform?

  • Details about the domain – Patorjk created his domain on January 26, 1999. Its domain name, is 23 years and 666 days old.
  • Trust Score- Patorjk’s trust score for is 100
  • rank- Patorjk’s ranking is 62.6/100. That is very good.
  • Social media profiles – Twitter, Instagram, Github, Twitter and Flicker.

The website has gained popularity and has a high trust score. You can however check Patorjk’s details if you want to do some really funky things.

Scrolling Text EU Te Amo Para Copiar:

Scrolling text time waster allows you to also enter text in Spanish. For example, “Te Amo” means “I Love You”. It will then start changing colours and move between left and right. This makes a few people happy.

Additional information on Patorjk :

Patorjk also offers many games such as Snake, Sliders, Puzzles and 179 Ways To Annoy People. The most sought-after activity is Arial ASCII Art, which has Scrolling Text Time Waster. You can also visualize things like Space Dust, Nutrition Calculator and Game of Throne Character Appearance. Its ScrollingText I Love You Too is a favorite activity.

The following apps are available from Patorjk’s official portal:

  • Years of YouTube Watching
  • Social Media Showdown
  • Typing speed test text to ASCII Art Generator
  • Fader Text Colour
  • Gaming Filters from Old School
  • Analyzer of Keyboard Layout
  • Gradient Image Generator, etc.


Patorjk, an online platform with 23 years of experience, offers many games and apps as well as visualizations. Patorjk is a popular online platform that has enjoyed a great deal of popularity over the years. Many users take part in the Scrolling text time waster activities.