Have you received any WhatsApp messages for Father’s day? Are you being tempted to win the Father’s Day unique gift by SMS? These messages have been sent by many people to the United Kingdom.

The message was sent to me by “Screwfix”. Many people thought it was a scam when they got the news. It is important to discover the truth behind the WhatsApp messages sent by the company. Let’s now look at the Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam .

What do YOU know about this fraud?

Many people received the message to be a Father’s Day gift. The company “Screwfix”, claimed that the buyers would receive the “DeWalt Combi”, on father’s day. The scammers sent out the message for the drill, in the name and honor of Father’s Day.

Many receivers claimed that the message contained an attached link. The many questions are displayed when the link is opened by the receivers. It also requested personal details. This is why the receivers of the message want to know more.

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Attached links required personal information. The message was to be passed to the known individual.
  2. Many people have shared the message with their friends and family.
  3. The message was distributed all across the country. Many recipients reached out to the company and inquired about this information.
  4. The SerewFix Company also posted a publication on one of their Twitter accounts. The post stated clearly that the messages received were not related to the company. Now, people were aware of the site.


After the incident we reviewed the link to the message. The logo for Screwfix can be found when we click on the link. After much research, we found that sometimes the link does not work correctly.

You won’t be able to access the official website for Screwfix through this link. We searched the official Screwfix website. However, we did not find any information that suggested the company might be offering special deals on father’s Day. These messages are enough evidence to prove the message is a scam.

Why are the News Media Circulating?

This message reached millions of people. This message was received by millions of people. People began to spread the scamming message on social media sites after it was exposed as a scam. Even the receivers confirmed with the company. These are some of the reasons that information is so popular.

The Remedies You Should Follow

The message will be sent to you by Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam. We have provided a guideline for your readers. You can avoid the Scam message and simply delete the link.

These instructions and reports are sourced from reliable sources. Learn more by visiting the link. Did your link arrive? Please comment.