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This article will focus on Elden Ring, also known as Scorpion Magic Chaste. We’ll also be revealing practical ways to earn it in game. Keep reading.

Information About The Artifact

It is one among the Elden Ring games’ beneficial Talismans. Additionally, talismans help players gain certain effects. It is a talisman similar to a scorpion, based on the summation of all the threads.

Its function is to increase your attacking strength and lower your damage. You can find out more about this item by reading the paragraph below.

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This item is very useful and will make you stronger. The following tips will help you retrieve the item.

  • The Fingerslayer Blade can be obtained first. This blade is essential for opening treasures, areas, and other items. Then, talk with Preceptor Seluvis to find out how to solve the mystery. After you complete these tasks, the Magic Scorpion Charm can be retained before the blade is submitted to Ranni.
  • Spiny Magic Charm threads says that you can hand the Amber Starlight (another essential item) to Preceptor Seluvis after being informed about his plans.

The methods described above can help you gain the item. Please let us know if there are any questions.

Unique Abilities Of The Item

Through a thread, information was gained about the thread’s capabilities. Let’s highlight them all below.

  • Magic Scorpion Charm weighs in at 0.8
  • It costs about 500 coins.
  • After you have acquired the Fingerslayer Blade, it is not possible to get it without talking with Preceptor Seluvis.
  • Elden Ring Magic Scorpion Charmexposed how this item increases around 12% of attack potency.
  • It has a 10% capacity for physical damage.

Let us now proceed to the next section to discuss the Magic Scorpion Charm.

In what game was this item released?

Magic Scorpion Charm has been linked to the acclaimed action-based video game, Elden Ring. According to the links, the game was published and created by Bandai Namco Entertainment & FromSoftware, respectively.

The game will lead you to Lands Between, a place where you will encounter various castles.


This article on Scorpion MagicCharm has the details of the Elden Ring. We have also described the earning potential and mechanism for Magic Scorpion Charm.

Do you know of any other routes to this item? Your suggestions are welcome below.