Every video game publisher has their Christmas special. This is a way for game companies to attract new players and appeal to the festive spirit. Some game companies offer exclusive games, skins and special editions.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X has been in high demand in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Philippines, Australia, as well as worldwide.

What’s Pet Sim X?

Pet Simulator X is the third in a series called Pet Simulator X. It follows PS1 and PS2. To unlock rare pets, you must collect coins and pets. You can use your rewards to purchase pets from eggs and new levels. As you advance, new game levels are available.

Preston Smith invented Pet Simulator 1. Pet Simulator 2 is the second. The BIG simulator is also called that. This simulator aims to accumulate as many coins possible.

This article contains more information about Santa Paws Pet Sim X.

Additional Details

BIG Games developed the Game and published it. There are many series and new additions to this Game. This is by no means a complete list. There are many other games.

There are many rewards you can collect:

  • Chests
  • Eggs
  • Pets
  • Hats
  • Biomes
  • Changelog

You can also choose background music. BIG Games has created one of the most popular games, Pet Simulator. All over the internet, you can find codes that allow you to get the rewards. You can find so many rewards and pets that you can collect.

This Game is enjoyed by many. The reviews are impressive as well.

Santa Paws Pet Sim X

It is a Christmas-themed pet that was introduced in the new year. It is a Mythical pet. This pet can be obtained by hatching multiple eggs. However, the chances of getting this mythical pet are very low.

This pet can be collected during the Christmas event.

These are the stats for this pet

  • Dark Matter Levels range from -360b up to 368b
  • The level is between -18b and 18.6b
  • Rainbow level is between 128b and 129b
  • The golden level ranges from -54b up to 55.2b

Santa Paw is the pet with highest dark matter level in the Game.

After thorough research, all the information above about Santa Paws Pet Sim X was compiled. These details were provided to help you better understand the Game’s new pets.


It isn’t a new game in the industry and has many loyal fans. Each time a Pet simulator releases something new, it becomes a hot topic. This is a testament to the game’s value. This is why people love this Game.