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Wordle – Have you tried it? This blog will guide you through the adventure of word guessing. Millions of people around the United Kingdom play Wordle daily.

After the game’s immense success, people don’t miss any chance to try other word guessing activities. Play Simple’s Word Trip is one of the many. For more information, please refer to this San Marino article.

Why is it so popular?

Wordle is used daily by millions of people around the world, since its debut in January at the New York Times. Wordle’s trend is becoming less popular every day. Wordle is no longer the only game that appeals to people. There are many other games with interesting themes and styles. Word Trip San Marino can also be played as a word game.

The interface of the game is unique. It plays sounds and makes comments about “Good”, “Great”, “Fantastic” and “Spectacular” for each consecutive guess. It is possible to use hints, reshuffle letters or make other adjustments if needed.

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PlaySimple Games, a Singaporean app development company, developed and launched the Word Trip Game five years ago. It’s easy to play and quite interesting. However, as you move up the levels, you can enter other countries like Russia and India or Egypt.

The background wallpaper in the game will change depending on which country you’re in. The letters will appear in circles. You need to swipe around them to form a meaningful word. Each level is more difficult.

Why Is San Marino a Country?

The name Word Trip San Marino was inspired by San Marino’s name. You may have never heard of San Marino, which is smaller than New York City’s Central Park.

Surprised? It is tiny. San Marino, with an area of only 62km2, has a population just 33000+. This is still less than half the Walt Disney workers. It is not hard to see why San Marino is called a Country. However, they chose to be independent. Play Store has the Word Trip San Marino Wordlegame with over 10,000,000+ downloads.

Final Verdict

Wordle is a Word Puzzle game with a huge following. You must find the five-letter secret word for the day within six attempts. For a new experience, Wordle users often switch to word puzzles.

Word Trip is a Wordle alternative. Its intuitive interface and mind-refreshing gameplay have been key to its success. Click here to learn more about Word Trip.

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