Are you familiar with Sam’s life? What is Sam’s marital status and who is he? The following article will reveal his net worth. He was born on October 28, 1973 in New York, under the name Cortland in the United States.

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Sam Tripoli Career & Wiki

Sam Tripoli is the Punch-Drunk Podcast’s co-host. He is an American comedian, actor, producer, writer, and actor. Sam Tripoli is best-known for his roles on the television shows Tin Hat with Sam Tripoli and Wild Words of Spike. Sam Tripoli also contributed to more than 12 films and TV programs. After releasing The Diabolical, an animated comedy special about Sam Tripoli, Tripoli became well-known in 2017. Find out more about Sam Tripoli Wiki.

Sam Tripoli was raised and has a strong academic background

Sam Tripoli was born in New York on 28 October 1973. The place is Cortland. In 2022, he will turn 48. Sam Tripoli attended a New York high school and graduated with a bachelor’s from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Sam Tripoli started his career in YouTube as a comedian, producer, comedian and actor. He also hosts podcasts, writes, and is a comedian. Sam Tripoli has worked with many brands and producers through his YouTube channel and show. Sam Tripoli is also a comedian and has appeared on many comedy shows.

Sam Tripoli is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall (or millimeters). Sam Tripoli stands 1.62m high and is 172 cm tall. His body weight is approximately 70 kg or 154 lbs in pounds. He has brown hair and eyes. Based on Sam Tripoli’s images, it is only a guess.

Sam Tripoli Salary

Sam Tripoli, an American comedian, actor, comedian and producer, is well-known. He is best known for being the Punch-Drunk Podcast’s co-host. It is not known how much Sam Tripoli will make in 2022.

Parents, Siblings and Wives of Sam Tripoli Wikipedia

His father was Mr. Tripoli and his mother was Mrs. Tripoli. He lives a quiet life, and doesn’t know his siblings or parents. Sam is single and has not been married. Sam Tripoli has not disclosed his name, girlfriend or life partner. He has also not mentioned his marital status. He lives a quiet lifestyle and has not disclosed any details.


It learns that Sam Tripoli is a comedian, actor, producer, comedian and writer from America who was the Punch-Drunk Podcast’s co-host.

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