Are you familiar with cardiovascular perfusionists. Are you aware of the salary that they make in a year. Please read the entire article if you don’t know. This article is based upon medical-related information. Today, we’ll discuss the salary of a cardiac perfusionist in the United States.

A cardiovascular perfusionist is a person who operates the cardiopulmonary bypass machine during cardiac surgery. Do you want to learn more about this career? Continue reading the Salary Cardiovascular Perfusionist Article.

What’s the average salary for a perfusionist in the US of cardiovascular medicine?

A cardiovascular perfusionist earns an average of $110,000 annually in the United States. The American Medical Association estimates that the starting salary for a cardiovascular perfusionist will be $60-75,000. However, the highest annual salary for a cardiovascular perfusionist is $155,779 in San Francisco, CA. According to a Los Angeles report, a cardiovascular perfusionist earns $113,000 annually. Let’s create a chart that will make it easy for you to understand.

CareerCardiovascular Perfusionist
Median Salary$128,000
Work TypePatient Care
Higher Education4-6 Years

List Cardiovascular Perfusionist Schools :

The medical field is full of hidden gems, such as the career of a cardiac perfusionist. This is a fantastic career option for those new to the medical field. After an extensive analysis, we have identified some institutions that offer cardiovascular perfusionist training.

  1. Rush University
  2. The University of Iowa
  3. Milwaukee School of Engineering
  4. Barry University
  5. SUNY Upstate Medical University
  6. University of Nebraska Medical Center
  7. Cleveland Clinic
  8. University of Utah
  9. University of Texas Health Science Center
  10. Thomas Jefferson University
  11. University of Pittsburgh
  12. University of Arizona Circulatory Sciences graduate program
  13. MUSC Extracorporeal Technology Educational Program
  14. Midwestern University
  15. Vanderbilt University
  16. Quinnipiac University
  17. Texas Heart Perfusion Program

We hope you find the Cardiovascular perfusionist Schools article informative. Keep reading the article as we will soon be discussing the profession.

What does a cardiovascular perfusionist do?

A cardiovascular perfusionist is the person who operates the heart-lung machines. This machine is known as a cardiopulmonary bypass device. This machine is used to oxygenate and circulate blood during cardiac surgery. A cardiovascular perfusionist must monitor the machine to ensure it is functioning properly. A cardiovascular perfusionist must also examine blood gas and consult with a cardiologist.

Salary range for different locations- Salary Cardiovascular perfusionist :

Payscale reports that a cardiac perfusionist in Illinois can earn between $96,650 and $131,690. A cardiovascular perfusionist in Texas can earn between $30,639 and $207,487. A cardiovascular perfusionist in Virginia can earn $73,250 to $108,090. The salary range in Virginia is very similar to that of the US.

The Closing Thoughts

The job of a cardiovascular perfusionist is a rare gem in the medical field. This profession is available to those who are interested in a career in medicine.